Why is Trump's approval ratings going down?

Per Realclearpolitics.com, he’s now at 43% approval and 54% disapproval. Even Trump’s most friendly poll, Rasmussen, has him at 44%. Just last week, he was at 45% on average. Does this have to do with the tariffs hurting our agricultural industry or are more and more people realizing that Trump obstructed justice?

This matters because how is he suppose to win re-election, if he’s the least popular president in modern history.

In before “the polls were wrong in 2016.”


As far as the reasoning goes, I suspect that both tensions with Iran and the possibility of even more tariffs could be the reason. People get nervous when they start hearing about either one of those.

The nation is upset that it took over 2 years of wasted time and money to expose “fake collusion” while the culprits of real collusion were given immunity, letters of exoneration before the investigation even began, Congressional subpoenas ignored, evidence destroyed and is only now actually beginning to be investigated…exposing the level of corruption, at the highest levels of intelligence, with agencies that are to be non-political. The nation is pissed. Get on with it Mr. President and your ratings will skyrocket.

i am shocked they are above 30% with 95% negative angry hate coverage in the zombie chris matthews colbert media.

perhaps many people arent as stupid as i thought


Good points. One of the drawing points to Trump was, “he’s against these stupid wars.” Now we’re seeing what happens when you withdrawal from the Iran deal.

My vote would be the high tariffs.

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I am amazed by this also.

95% full throttle anti-Trump propaganda and he is still at about 50% in the polls as reported by the 95% anti-Trump media.

I think he is going to be fine in 2020. Watched him work the crowd last like a champion, he is a fun person to be with and still has the ENERGY that won the office in 2016.


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It’s funny how comedians really get to some Trump supporters.


“About 50%”. Cool math. Why not go ahead and round up to 60?


au contraire people are wising up to con don.


I would shocked if Trump ended up with the PA EV in his column in 2020.

PA is Biden territory.


As accurate as any “poll.”

Truth is half the country likes him and he has done a lot of good for the average worker.

Maligning him personally hasn’t worked out well for the DNC for over 3 years…Why would you think that will change?

Honest question.


Biden abandoned the PA workers for 50 years and worked very hard to destroy coal and steel while padding his nest egg with Chinese influence.

PA has no soft spot for Joe.


Ummmm…did you pull a rip van winkle for the midterms and the DNC winning the house?


So he wont win the PA democratic Party Primary on April 28, 2020?



So you attribute that to the politics of personal destruction and no policy action. The honesty is appreciated.

I attribute it to better candidates winning and some court ordered redistricting. I am not liking the DNC chances of repeating that outcome in 2020…The house has grossly underperformed under Pelosi.


Let us see who is in and who is out of the race in March of 2020.

Biden is no lock and could sink like a rock like the Jebster did.

Mark Cuban would put Sleepy Joe to bed in PA.


He’s not at “about 50%”, RCP has him averaging 43%.

Where is this 95% negative media against him? Are we including late night comedians as media? Good lord.

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I’d say lets round up to an even 100%.

At least that’s what King Trump the Magnificent would expect from his subjects.

Trump supporter complaining about the politics of personal destruction.

A black hole fueled by irony was just created.