Why is trump upset with Iran and their uranium?

So trump is upset about Iran about to surpass the amount of uranium from the agreed accord set by his predecessor. But the problem being is that he said it was the worst deal in history and scrapped the deal and applied sanctions on them anyhow. Now the trump administration is saying they should abide by the previous agreement.
So which is it? A horrible deal or just another not so thought out plan?
Trump has zero credibility and it’s become a problem. Now there are plans being drawn up or so it is being reported for a limited tactical strike on their nuclear facilities. Is there such thing anymore? What is the best circumstances that can come out of this? What’s the worst?


Thousands of American soldiers getting killed because of fat donald’s dog wagging.

The conversation today was about the question of wither or not our allies believe us when Pompeo blames Iran for the ships attack. Between him and Bolton there is a long history of them preaching regime change.
And you also have Trump continually belittling our intelligence agencies. I would think that if we were considering a strike it would be good to have other countries supporting us.

Well the sauds and. Britian agree it was Iran.

I dont think its the greatest idea for Iran to have weapons grade uranium. That’s why there was a deal in place to try to control it. Now that’s gone. What incentives are left. You think a limited strike is an option? The middle east will go up in flames. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, . Not saying we couldn’t give Iran a black eye but what’s the after thought? Are we ready to nation build again for the next ten years?

Saudis have been itching to let their attack dog (us) at em for quite awhile now.

The agreement is still in force although it appears to be on life support. The problem is that the European countries that are still in promised some things to counter our sanctions that they haven’t been able to deliver on. And that is pissing off Iran big time. I agree that we don’t need a war there. But based on how hawkish Pompeo and Bolton are I am afraid they are pushing Trump hard. At least for now Trump has shown a real reluctance for war.

So the withdrawal from the agreement has resulted in them quadrupling their production…

Thanks Trump!

The us pulled out of that agreement and has threatened sanctions on anybody who does business with Iran so there isn’t much of an agreement left. Leaves little negotiating room .

And Netanyahu.

no one else still in the same agreement?

I believe the Europeans still are but if were not what does it have to do with us?

i dunno ask the “US bad guy” poster who is sure they decided to middle finger the exalted “jcpa” to crank out more refined uranium

Best deal maker EVAH!!

They have clearly decided that the agreement is no longer is worth their time when separated from our sanctions, much less us threatening the rest of the world on their own sanctions.

they have decided to use that as an excuse which trump knew they would do anyway

i thank heavens he’s not as stupid and destructive as thd idiotic obama admin

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Oh yeah, Trump is doing just great! :roll_eyes:

What is the topic of this thread again?

Thanks Trump!

okay! yeah thanks mr President! for not being an idiot

His Iran legacy so far:

Broken agreements, quadrupled uranium production, and back to chatter about starting a war.


But hey, he IS arming that bastion of democracy Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology and other weapons while China supplies them with ballistic missiles.

Thanks Trump!