Why is Trump is Soft against the Saudis?

No I don’t. What I do know is that libs want to sabotage our economy so they can gain power…power to rule over their political opponents.

So what you’re saying is because Saudis have oil, we not only have to let them off the hook for murdering an American citizen, the President should spout their own talking points about “rogue killers” who somehow got into an extremely secure complex?

Is this what you’re saying?

King Salman is 82, I think.

Yes Liberal only hate the good people of Saudi Arabia because of Trump.

Then send your follow Canadians over and do something about it.

Permanent resident working as a journalist for the Washington Post.

King Salman doesn’t control the government his 33 year old son does.

Canada has been standing up to the Saudi for months now the government even threatened terrorist attack in Toronto.

Did you just ask Canada to do something about an American being murdered by the Saudi government?

OK- but living under our protection.

Yes I get it you think “libs” are this simultaneously weak yet powerful entity hell bent on the destruction of America only to rule over its ashes. :joy:

Therefore ANYTHING a so called “lib” sniffs on is equivalent to cancer :rofl:

We been doing America job for awhile now.

Last I heard he wasn’t an American citizen.

Last I heard he wasn’t American citizen.

Always remember.

In case you guys haven’t heard, Turkey and Saudi’s been at each other throats.

$$$$. Nothing more.

All you interventionist should suit up.

in case you haven’t heard the Saudi are going to publicly behead a 30 year old woman for advocating woman rights.

Why? how about Sanction and limited trade with one of the worst human rights abusers in the world, all this talk about how evil North Korea and Iran are yet Saudi are equally as horrible.