Why is Trump is Soft against the Saudis?

First, he was soft against Putin and Russia. Now, he’s soft against the Saudis. Who would thought that Trump is such a wimp?

Why he’s willing to give the Saudis a benefit of a doubt? Is it because he doesn’t want to hurt the bottom line and the money he’s making with the Saudis?

This country, and every President we’ve had in the 30-40 years has been “soft” on Saudi Arabia.

I don’t doubt there’s some of Trump’s power-worship thing there, but this is par for the course.


Saudi Arabia, I get along with all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million,” Trump said during a presidential campaign rally in Alabama in August 2015.

Because he envies their unconstrained power.

And the money. There is that.

Libs looking forward to crashing our economy and long gas lines just so they can blame Trump.

So sic…

What is the United States supposed to do? Only sell American weapons to nice people? Nice people don’t need weapons of war. Saudi Arabia is like the perfect country to sell weapons to. They’re planning on killing a LOT of people in Yemen. Shouldn’t they use the best American weapons possible? If we didn’t make a profit off them killing people, then somebody else would.

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You ok with fat donald making tons of cash from the Saudis?

Good point. Plus…cheap gas.

Also, Trump would be INSANE not to support allies who take enemies of the people, reporters from the Washington Post, and turn them into stew meat suitable for export direct from their consulate.

Its sad when America is scared to stand up to a 30 year old dictator.

BREAKING: Trump compares condemnation of Saudi Arabia for disappearance of journalist Khashoggi to accusations of sexual assault Brett Kavanaugh. Tells AP, “Here we go again with you’re guilty until proven innocent.”

This guy is completing insane!

Money, they said nice things about him, money.

Not scared. Just looking at the bottom line. Making more money in America is more important than foreigners dying. I don’t know what the cutoff is when it’s no longer worth making a dollar here if it means a foreigner dies, but it’s probably something like 10 dollars to 1 life.

He’s not, he knows about 35% of people will believe anything he says.

Funny how so many young people don’t know or care about what Saudi can do. Hell most of them weren’t even witness to man walking on the moon let alone remember the oil embargo/gas lines.

Nor do they understand the impact on our and global economy.

But they just want to blame Trump for their power grab.

So your telling me America is to scared to stand up to the Saudis?

Lets keep bending over…cause you know Saudi is so stronk no way the USA can stand up to them

I think we should have bombed the hell out of em back when world trade centers were attacked.

But a spat between Turkey and Saudi’s and some reporter getting involved…I really don’t care.

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It is clear that you do not care…

Little dictator boy should learn his place, but its clear you don’t think America has the ball to put him in it because your scared he might raise the price of oil.

The new “Reformed” Saudis who cut the head of woman for advocating woman rights.

we clearly choose the winner in the region.