Why Is This Termination Worthy?

I could see if Twitter, like this forum, has limits for Nazi references and deleted the Tweet. But why was it termination worthy? And who exactly did she denigrate for cultural or religious beliefs?

From what I understand, they wanted to fire her anyway, and this gave them a good PR out.

Since the 1980s, the hallmark of conservatism has been to push back against the horrible corrupt unions and usher in “Right to Work”…which is at will employment.

Each worker should be a free agent who could seek his or her own value, and not have to pay dues to lift up lazy workers who didn’t deserve pay increases.

This is one of the results of at will employment…the employer can terminate employment for essentially whatever reason the employer wishes.

So…we must live with it…right?

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Maybe they felt what she said put the company at risk of bad publicity…and would cost them money.

People need to stop posting stupid things on the internet.

I, for one, am outraged that Eric Stotlz was fired from Back to the Future.

He’s still in the movie, though.

At least his hands are in the scene with Biff in the malt shop.

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The #1 no no for public figures …never compare your feeling of political victimhood to what happened during the holocaust.

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because the train wreck left is out of control

they’ll use twitter now to cudgel anyone

honestly, anyone stupid enough to bust spleen on such a far left site deserves the grief they get

Even that I wouldn’t have been too upset with what she had to say.

Except she asked for respect for people who believe differently than oneself…and then went and mocked trans people and mask wearers.

You don’t get any sympathy from me whining about a lack of respect for your beliefs when you do not respect others’.

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Who needs stupid Disney! Gina’s career is only looking to go up from here. Ben Shapiro announced she is being tapped to head up her own project on his new entertainment network. Upgrade? I say yes.

Hopefully appearing opposite of Kirk Cameron.

When are people going to learn to not do stupid ■■■■ on Twitter? It’s amazing to me


To be fair, the site has “twit” in their name.

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She’ll never be as good as Ray Comfort when he explained that a genetically bred banana looks like it’s been genetically bred.


Twitter is designed for people to do stupid ■■■■ .

Firstly, Carano wasn’t terminated from anything. She wasn’t under contract with LucasFilm and had no current projects. She just won’t be ever again.

Secondly, it isn’t Twitter that’s killing so many Trump monkeys jobs. It’s their own words. Consequence Culture.

That’s what the whining about “cancel culture” is. Some people want to be able to say whatever they want with zero consequences. That’s not how it works and it’s never worked like that.

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Do you support Right to Work?

Then this is what you get.

They did a swell job proving her statements correct. lol

And she did a swell job showing the world she didn’t mean them…or at least, they didn’t apply to her.