Why is this charade continuing?

We all know how this ends. The President will be found innocent. Why is the Senate bothering with this ■■■■■■■■■ Just so communists can complain about America some more? We won. There will be no documents provided, there will be no witnesses. We already know the final vote. Nothing will change that. Why the ■■■■ are we bothering?

End this ■■■■■■■■ and get back to doing things that matter to America. Gun Rights, stopping perverts from invading our bathrooms and cutting taxes.

Put Democrats in prison. Now. That’s the only campaign promise that hasn’t been delivered. ARREST DEMOCRATS. LOCK THEM UP!

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Because we follow the constitution. Just because republicans have disdain for the constitution doesn’t mean all of us do.


That will never happen. In America, we do not “lock up” our ruling class. That would be barbaric.

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Lock up? Hell, republicans don’t even think the president should ever be investigated. Talk about corrupt.

I’m sure there is a percentage of the population that would like nothing better than to remove the Democrat party, instill one party rule, and have Trump as their King.

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Not the ruling class, just the opposition.

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Protect the king at all costs, even if that means ignoring the constitution.




Of course we do, just ask Chris Collins.

But isn’t investigating political opponents for political gain abuse of power? Or does that not work when its Democrats investigating Republicans for political gain?


You’re right that this is a charade. After that the post goes off the rails. :wink:

Trump is as guilty as it gets. Cover it up, fast fast fast!

They’re investigating him because he abused his power…And investigating him in accordance with the powers granted them by the constitution. Not doing shady shadow work with personal lawyers behind the scene…

Its part of the Democrat political platform, to damage Trump so much they’re hoping to get him off the 2020 ballot because they know they can’t beat him otherwise and if they can’t get him off the ballot they will campaign on the impeachment asterisk after his name and hells bells there could be more asterisks after his name by November, Dem’s are that stupid! :roll_eyes:

The Democrat seditious charade will continue until the voters fix it by booting the traitors from office.

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Congressional oversight of the executive is a constitutional responsibility no matter which party is in office.


Wouldn’t it be great for King Trump if we had a one party rule? Just Republicans, the saints and patriots of America. Only Fox News. Such a utopia.

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We’ve got “some” on these very forums referring to the media as seditious and demanding Democratic politicians be imprisoned, so…

Its Trump*'s dreams coming true.
Look at Trump*'s heroes:

Kim Jung Un
Vladimir Putin

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Anything goes in the 2020 election cycle.

The rule book is out the window.

Schiff was doing his best spirit of John Wilkes Booth channeling act last night.

All the drama none of the evidence.


Curious comparison.

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