Why is the President's approval on the rise?

One need to pop their one bubble first. :wink:

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No. You’re the one who’s angry all the time. You can choose not to be. It’s up to you.

Take your own advice bud


I spend more time here than any other political site.

I have no issues with my bubble.

I also don’t equate criticism with a war.

How anyone can think the federal response at any level to the pandemic is a successful one is fascinating…and slightly scary.

Always! My advice is da best advice! We don’t have to do the boring assed personal crap all the time. I’ll move on of you will. Deal? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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We been at political war for some time…specially after some decided to push back at lib agenda.

As for federal response to this virus…I was first one that pointed it out here.

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I have nothing to move on from. I criticized Trump and that upsets you. Sorry.

Yes you were honest about that…because you saw it first hand.

I didn’t see it first hand, I just got direct first hand account. :wink:

Fair enough. If you want to wallow in your world of misery and frustration, don’t let me stop you. Just thought I’d throw out an olive branch to you. :man_shrugging:

If you don’t like the president that means you’re wallowing in misery?

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RCP Average:

Approve: 47.3%
Disapprove: 29.3%

So he is still underwater.
Some standout polls:
Fox News: Approve: 48% Disapprove: 51%
Rasmussen: Approve: 46% Disapprove: 52%

If that’s what I meant, that’s what I would have said. But, when somebody is constantly angry and never seems to be having a good day, they come off as being miserable. Does that clear things up for you? Speaking of. I’m gonna walk away for a while. Because as you know, as a staff NCO. Too much negativity can ruin people. See ya!

That seems to be a common belief on the right. Same thing gets said in the religious forums. If you don’t believe in a higher power you are miserable and hate yourself

If you’re referring to me I can assure you I’m not constantly angry or having a bad day. You misunderstand me poking at your silly posts as “anger” rather than laughter

Says the guy whose OP reads:


does the press and media go on an outright crusade against other presidents during a crisis?

; )

Can you guys synch up before you repeat the same tired excuses?

It’s getting a little tedious.




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What’s new in the OP?