Why is the President's approval on the rise?

Because the people get to hear from him directly everyday. The media does not get to interpret or edit his remarks. It’s all out there for anyone to hear… And the media is being totally exposed as the frauds that they are. The rudeness, total lack of manners, decorum, lack of respect and basic decency is on full display. These clowns are being expose for what they are. Their questions are not even questions. They are insults disguised as questions. The same crap day in and day out. They are controlled by their own hate and desire to get the President any way they can. And people are sick of their bull ■■■■■


Presidents always get a bump from a crisis.

Usually much higher than 49% though.



W was at 90% after 9/11. Never underestimate a crisis.

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True. But usually the media does not declare war on the President during a crisis. They at least have the decency to fake non partisanship. Not anymore.

The media has been covering every idiotic thing that Trump does.

And a majority of 800 whole people think he’s doing a good job?

That’s sad and scary.

No one has declared war on Trump.

But I know you are deep in your Bubble.

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Fortunately for us, the media is also exposing every idiotic thing that they, themselves do as well. So there’s that. Their Jackass is showing.

Sure. They’re neutral. Balanced, anger free reporting. :laughing:

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Good you noticed…:sunglasses:

It’s not really not surprising, people want to hear some hope instead of living in perpetual doom and gloom, regardless of who the message comes from. “We want to hear everything is going to be ok” or “We can and will get through this”. It’s not mentally healthy to dwell on constant negativity the media is pumping. One of my neighbors down the street was telling me the other day he had to turn the news off because his wife was starting to have anxiety problems.

Not everyone’s brain and nerves can take this 24/7.



Guess those polled forgot statements like this from dear-leader: “We have it totally under control."

Guess who gets to see the media act like undisciplined jackasses everyday? Everyone does! :blush:

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Hope is based on truth, not false promises.

Trump’s version of offering hope is like when Baghdad Bob said Iraq was winning or when Hitler promised that miracle weapons would rescue them from being overrun.

Real hope is FDR and Churchill explaining to Americans and Brits how hard the road to victory will be, but that they will win nonetheless.

A pandemic isn’t defeated on a set date, and there are not yet any miracle cures.

Trump isn’t promoting hope by saying there are, only setting people up for disappointment.


Because Donald Trump is the epitome of discipline. :roll_eyes:

The amount of whining in Trump world from both sides is yuuuge

Ah, the voice of reason.

Everybody knows what Trump brings. They are slowly learning what the media brings. And it’s a freak show.

Watcha gonna do about it? Complain? Whine a little yourself? Death by boredom?That’s pretty much all you’ve been bringing to the table lately. I look forward to you congratulating us in November? :trophy:


Not whining or complaining. Just calling a spade a spade. Trump eggs it on and tries to troll and spark just as much as the media initiates. The whining from both sides is incredible. Yuuuuge.

I’m not the one starting threads every day mad about the lib media being unfair

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