Why is the NFL tanking

My reasons

  1. NFL fans. If you go to a game you will be surrounded by 30 and 40 year old men who handle their alcohol worse than a 20 year old frat boy. Adults acting like goofballs. Jerks.
  2. The zebras. The game has become zebra dominated. Flags being thrown for totally inconsistent reasons. Legal hits are flagged, if the hit is too hard.
  3. The elimination of exciting plays such as the kick off.
  4. Too little action. Ten minutes of action in a three hour game is absurd.
  5. The players. The disrespect of America, the complaining, the arrests. etc.

The NFL is in trouble and they don’t seem to be in any hurry to fix it.

Got any links? Evidence that it’s tanking?

Increasing discomfort with CTE.

Yes. Attendance is way down. So are ratings. The last MNF game was the worst rated in 7 years. These are my observations. I don’t care enough to search for links. It’s only entertainment.

Your observation? So, no proof? Got it.

Yep. I’m not offering any proof. It’s entertainment. Not worth my time. I’m glad you’ve got it.

ratings are down? could have fooled CBS this past week

The Week 14 NFL singleheader window, featuring Ravens-Chiefs, earned a 9.8 rating and 16.7 million viewers on CBS — up 21% in ratings and 20% in viewership from last year (8.1, 13.9M) but down 13% in both measures from 2016 (11.2, 19.1M).

It was the highest rated NFL singleheader on CBS this season (eight telecasts) and the fourth-highest across all networks (14 telecasts).


Personally I haven’t watched a whole game in the past few years, and haven’t watched any in the past two years. It’s mostly due to time constraints but the whole politicizing things sealed it for me.

I would agree that tanking is likely too strong a word. I haven’t paid attention this year but I do remember last year there was a lot of talk about the ratings going down for various reasons.

Over all, ratings and attendance is down.

Millions feel exactly like you do. Which is why interest is waning.

Average attendance through week 14 of the 2017 season: 1,033,873

Average attendance through week 14 of the 2018 season: 1,013,963

sure are a lot of pluses for ratings to be down

facts over opinions.


Yup. “The NFL’s television ratings are no longer declining. In fact, they’re trending slightly upward.”

Since the salary cap is expected to increase by $10 million next year, and the salary cap is a direct reflection of the previous year’s revenue, this thread is a miserable failure.

Good research. They have gotten some of the people back from last year that they lost due to the anthem protests. But it’s still pretty close. What is the long term trend? How were the ratings 5 or 10 years ago as compared to today? I would bet the league is losing popularity, not gaining.

did you see “the Miami miracle”. excitement abounds in the NFL.

down in the dumps about the loss 70 yards away from paydirt with only seconds left

and one well executed pay and bang endless joy to all fish fans.


The NFL’s popularity has dropped ten percent since 2012.

#1. I don’t think it was any different for quite some time now. IT was the same back in the 80s.

#2. I don’t see how anyone can watch this game and not see that the refs throw way too many flags and get way too many calls wrong. The worst part about it is that they are inconsistent. But again, this isn’t new. it has been this way for a decade already.

#3. Agreed. What I don’t understand is why teams kick it through the back and give up the ball on the 25. Just kick it high and let it drop around the 5. Most likely they’ll cover it before the 25 and there is a possibility of a fumble.

#4. Agreed. But again, you’d have to go back pretty far for any nociable difference.

#5. My only concern is them on the field. I really don’t care what kind of person they are. The NFL will be in no hurry to fix anything until it hits them at the bank.