Why is Russia and China making more aggressive moves now that Biden is president than when Trump was in office?

What do you suppose the reason is, if there is indeed a connection, or is it just coincidence? Curious on others thoughts?

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We’re weakened at the moment. Now is the best time for rivals to make their gains.


Because Trump is a big bad Alpha male tough guy…:roll_eyes:,


What moves are you referring to?

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Yes I would say that is everything, as much as most of us wanted out of Afghanistan the way it was done it portrayed weakness. And hey don’t blame this right winger those words were used to describe the pullout as well by WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, and the NYT’s.


Of course, there is a connection. Biden has emboldened Russia by removing sanctions on their pipeline making them the major supplier of oil to Germany and the rest of Europe so they don’t fear any USA ally support if they decide to invade Ukraine.

China has the Biden’s in their blackmail back pocket and are now colluding with Russia on a variety of fronts, energy, science and technology to name a few. Biden has done more for are enemies then his own country and our allies around the world.


Weakness to the point it looks like a suicide mission. Our adversaries around the globe are drooling with delight.

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Nothing like orange skin and a bad combover to show the dictators of the world whose boss. :rofl:


…incoherent babbling, stumbling, tumbling, bumbling, whispering, then yelling and swearing is better…

…than Kamala. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


After their meeting in June, biden declared “I did what I came to do.”

Maybe this is all part of “what I came to do.”

We all know he was willing to kill aid to Ukraine in the past when they didn’t do what he wanted.

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There were Russians in Ukraine during Trump. Fighting and everything

China entered trade agreements with Russia and Australia during Trump.

They were active in the South China.

But Biden weak trump strong or some such

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Weeeeeeeee. It’s fun to gaslight!

Now that Biden has soiled himself on the world stage, China has made the largest incursions into Taiwan’s airspace .


If someone wants to have a conversation about “moves” countries are making, it helps to state what those specific moves are.

There are multiple “moves”. And everyone who is willing to face the truth about the senile puppet knows it. For example, China has made the largest incursions into Taiwan airspace since Biden was installed as POTATUS.

And although you are pretending not to notice…

They don’t respect Biden. Period.

In September 2020 Taiwan accused China of flying dozens of planes across the line after a visit by senior US official Keith Krach.

They aren’t being listed because they are hearing about it. Once they are listed they are also easily disproven as being new moves under the Biden admin

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See @Sknyluv. So much easier like this.

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I know… you want to have “the big guy’s” back. But those 2020 incursions were smaller and by September 2020, the Chinese already knew who would be president. So those 2020 incursions were essentially taunting Biden… not Trump.

Size matters.