Why is Lavrov in Vietnam at the same time as Trump?

the day before Trump is heading there to meet with Kim. Not that these two events are related in any way. Purely coincidental.https://twitter.com/civmilair/status/1099474902795644930?s=21

Looks like Russia is providing more weapons to Vietnam and of course will probably meet his BFF fat donald.


Bag man.

Another closed door meeting, all transcripts shredded. No one else allowed.

After all of the suffering, at last fat donald is finally going to Vietnam.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: good one! Maybe he’ll start wearing a medal!


A better question might be, 'why is Trump in Viet Nam?"

I’m sure his optics goal is to show what working with America can do for an economy.

Kim’s take away might be, look what happens when you stand up to the Americans.

Haha, his bone spurs finally healed.

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So, Trump could whisper he’ll be more flexible about missile defense in Poland after the election and have it passed on to Putin…

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Hopefully Trump’s bone spurs don’t act up


He could whisper to Putin that he’s sending the polling data and we’d never hear about it.

He could beg for Putin’s help hacking Clinton’s emails over a PA at a rally on TV and some people wouldn’t care.


I believe there is a substantial witches’ coven meeting in Vietnam this week. That’s why they are all there.


Because polling data is so hard to find during an election…LMAO!

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Big govt burned the witches…

Nothing to see here folks.

Which released e-mail do you think cost her the election?

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It’s odd that many dems believe non-democratic Russians are better campaigners than Hillary’s democrat machine was…

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Translation please.

We may not want to believe it but it’s turned out to be true.