Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


Canada less then 200 years ago didn’t think woman were “People”


I thought he was proof they had.


Well your quality of life isnt guaranteed by the constitution, but perhaps youd like to expound on how precisely your said life has been reduced, and why you are formulating your response remember that the amazing judges recently appointed to the SCOTUS by agent orange look at the constitution by its literally meaning, not by what is politcally expedient of you.


We prefer the POWs who don’t side with people who’ve got Mooslem-y sounding names.


Our quality of life is being reduced because of migrants not because Republican cut funding to infrastructure, water protection, school, public assistance, etc.


Hell with that. Our quality of life is being reduced because of religious muslim nut cases that have somehow forced our culture to change to theirs. Everyone knows that.

Next we will have woman back in the kitchen bearing babies… oh wait… ■■■■■


I see a lot of news about the lowering fertility rate in America, how should we address that or is that something that gets over amplified?


Have more sex. Id like to say more but thats all that is needed.


God forbid the human species ever stops growing, a trillion or bust!


Well, at least king doesn’t wear a scary hat!

Assimilate now! Deport the Amish!


good old “white genocide”


Start paying people to have babies?


but woman don’t want to have babies with us superior European proud boys.


A good close personal friend of mine is Muslim, he loves soccer, auto racing, fantasy football and enjoys good wine.

His two children are top of the class and his wife is a college professor, they are America.

A co-worker of mine is Egyptian Coptic Christian, she got to come to the US on a lottery Visa she has her high lvl degrees from UCSD, is married to a cool dude from Egypt who is part of my monthly poker group and they have a beautiful daughter who loves to dance and is very much into Ballet.

They are America


I have two kids, would love to have more but in order to maintain the life style that my wife and I have created for each other we both have to work. This is the new normal, throw in childcare costs which in total cost is truly another mortgage statement, saving for their college, health insurance, paying for their expenses and well it adds up.

Having children is not something that is currently incentivized in our society in fact its the opposite.


You can’t, some cultures and people assimilate better than others. And the majority of people in the U.S. and other western countries still largely self segregate by groups whether it’s be race or culture. This is just a fact take Washington D.C. for example and then any other U.S. city. Group A lives here, Group B here, Group C off to the side, and Group D off to the corner.

Then there is these small little specs of people who actually have assimilated and live together and we call that a success.

Washington D.C.


The hate is still there even if it is not manifested.


Why do you say that? I’m not against Muslims in the US, if they become a part of our fabric? I was born in Dearborn, Michigan. This is now THE most Muslim concentrated area in the United States. I have family that still lives in the area and they say they are peaceful. I do notice that many shops and buildings reflect a middle eastern flavor now. That is not outside the scope of assimilation. It adds culture to our e pluribus unum. It’s when e pluribus unum is not recognized, that it would then be a problem IMO.


Anwar al-Awlaki. Now I know you’ll say he didn’t stone anyone to death, but still…


So what happens internationally should be ignored here in America. Cool.