Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


Math must not be your strong suit


well race theory has us label people into 5 sub groups I really disagree with that we should go by ethnicity which there are 1,000s.


Disagree that fear exists, or that we should fear? Because the fear is real. I grew up in a small rural town of about 10,000. Lived in St. Louis for 4 years. Live right now in a city of about 500,000. I also lived in very rural area for about 3 years - a town of less than 2000.

Rural towns predominantly white are filled with racism. Of people afraid to stop at gas stations in inner cities. Of people who make comments about any black person behind their back. Of people who no nothing outside of their rural habits.

Not ALL. But it is such a common thread. Cant watch a basketball game where I grew up without hearing the n word. Its rare that muslims move to small rural towns too.


I disagree most fear muslims


Most probably dont. But a large and notable right wing segment does


not migrant caravans coming to murder Americans?


What if they are ginger? No one likes gingers.


they are deported to Ireland where they belong.


Lady Sansa


Good they have no soul.


She can stay


not even the good Ireland the bad one that sided with the Nazis.


And yet, muslim assimilation and terror is a recurring theme in republican politics


These deport now


The whole Republican campaign for the midterm was scarying migrant coming to murder white woman.


Carrot top is why aliens havent visited us


Literally. The caravan invaders. Crickets on the deficit though now that the communist kenyan isnt in charge


Less than 100 years ago, a European man committed genocide and killed 6,000,000+ people


See, there’s always common ground. :wink:


less then 200 years ago American though African were property not people.