Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


Being white is a minority in most of the world. Isnt the white population around 20%? In the US, whites are slowly becoming a minority.


ya which is why the alt-right is becoming more popular, the han are coming for us all.


That doesn’t mean they are brown.


I never said all muslims are brown. Most are. Globally, in fact, whites are a minority


So your proof


Yep, and they are coming in from the south to take your jerbs and the muslim ones bring their prayer rugs and will murder and pillage your rural homes


You did right here: " So many foreign brown people to be afraid of."


Again show your proof most are brown



Hitler murdered hundreds of thousands of gays. And MILLIONS of jews.

White supremicists kill non whites…and generally hate gays as well.

In many forms of christianity, being gay is a sin and they actively lobby to deny gay rights.


No where in that quote did I say all muslims or all foreigners are brown. Try again.


Most of them are Asian.



I already did. Are you really denying the vast majority of muslims on this planet aren’t white? Europe and north America are only 20% of the global population.


Lol ■■■■■■■■■ You now gonna tell us Republicans are only scared or brown muslims


Republican are scared of anyone who isn’t middle class white family.


No ■■■■ that doesn’t make the rest are brown.


Im saying, in the USA, theres a large segment of republicans that fear mexicans and muslims, due to their populations being predominantly brown and foreign, and display such prejudice through their policies and actions. Its just like, there are white people in areas with predominantly black populations. Yet, some whites wont buy homes there due to racism. Its just a fact of life.

I’m a white minority where I live. I hear it all the time from my white rural friends and family.


All this time liberals have accused us of being the party of the rich.


which of the five races would you say they are?


While agree with a lot of that I disagree the fear them