Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


Mistresses. Is that part of assimilating or part of not assimilating?


Funny. I guess its only ok if its a Mexican or a Muslim to broadbrush and be obsessed over. Carry on with the right wing drumbeat of fearing muslims and immigrants from the south.

Oh and dont forget “there are wierdos everywhere”


They sound like radicals. BUILD THAT WALL


Ya totally, thats what liberals think. Good one.


I don’t fear them go ahead and find a post from me degegrating any religion, rationality or un like you group a bunch of people by their color


To paraphrase The Princess Bride, they are no one to be trifled with.

They are a scary lot.


Oh ok. And yet here you are defending the constant drumbeat of muslim fear, as portrayed in this thread. But we get it… cons can broadbrush muslims all day. But poor them if they get broadbrushed.


Many people on the right fear muslims


Yet you guys keep calling them brown


Find one post from me defending it


The vast majority are. As are the vast majority of mexicans and hispanics. Hell, republicans nominated a birther. And diversity in the GOP is lacking quite a bit. Just pointing out the facts. Seems democrats assimilate much better in their party.


What is “it”?

You jumped in all mad at me for broadbrushing republicans, yet spend no energy pushing back on rightwing Muslim fear mongering. This sounds more like an “i hate libbbz” conversation

A great display of irony


“It” is what you accused me of. I didn’t jump in about you broad brushing republicans, I jumped in because I am tried of liberals always using color to define people.


Ahh my bad. We can only use people’s religion and ethnicity. Like, its only ok if we broadbrush muslims, or mexicans, or hispanics. You know, all those predominantly brown people.


Show me a link that the vast majority of Muslims are brown.


The good ole days


Boy you are all in on classifying people by color.


The countries with the largest muslim populations are predominantly non white


The vast majority of Christians are also non white.


I know right i should be judging them on their ethnicity instead. Like…muslims, mexicans, puerto ricans, etc. I wonder what they all have in common which keeps the GOP on the edge of their seat all the time.