Why is democratic socialism bad?






No, some people just want to be hermits. And how do you define it?


I was born and raised on a Kansas farm, one day the government decided they needed to stick their nose into the industry. The numbnuts idea was to have all the small farms thrown into a coop and to share the wealth evenly. All it took was one bad harvest and guess what? When came time to share the wealth there wasn’t any meat on the bone for the small farmers to pay they’re bills. Most had to take out loans just to plant the following year and by the time they paid operating cost they couldn’t pay the banks back, most went belly up and had no choice but to sale or get foreclosed on. Some of these farms had been in family’s for a hundred plus years. So if you want to see a example of socialism take a look at the farming industry and you’ll see how well socialism DOESN’T WORK.




I lived it and so did my family, we were fortunate my folks had a 1400 acre feed lot and I had two uncles with about 900 acres each and grew what we needed for feed, even that was touch and go a few years. If you didn’t have 500 acres plus you had no chance to survive. And it was brought on by the government sticking their nose where it didn’t belong.


You don’t think it sounds like a commune, where each gives acording to his abilities and receives according to his needs?

We will just have to agree to disagree.


"Don’t worry. I’m from the government. And I’m here to help. "


No, nor do I claim you need to. There’s nothing that says working past the point of exhaustion is automatically a good thing, which seems to be the default opinion in this country.


That’s Marxism not communism.


So your opposed to the govt giving any kind of aid to victims of disasters, got it.


:+1: Good advise.


This issue is a non-starter for me because we can’t argue about differing economic systems if we want different things.


So, you are a capitalist then.


So you love to set up strawmen because you don’t have the stones needed for honest discussion.

Got it. :+1:


And that is what the Democrat Party Leadership desires . . . an iron fisted communist state.


The Democrat Leaders promise for free cheese doesn’t work in Cuba, doesn’t work in Venezuela ___ it only works for corrupted politicians who confiscate and then redistribute “free cheese” in order to buy votes and remain in power.


You’ve been here long enough, that’s all the “proggie left” and those that suffer from severe TDS do.


I am an individualist, meaning if one wants a chicken in every pot he/she will need to create an economic system that provides for that; if another believes a chicken in every pot is detrimental to the whole, he/she, likewise should seek the system that honors that.

So I say arguing the pros and cons of socialism (any form) is really more about one’s ideals than the merits of the system. Clarify ideals first, might save an argument.

Too bland of a reply? Never really much of a bomb thrower.


Yup. Pathetic really.

But since he brought up disaster relief, I wonder how hee feels our government did in Peurto Rico.


40 hours is not past the point of exhaustion. My regular work week is 50.