Why is democratic socialism bad?


And nice weather… for vacationing and farming. But yea just take away everything that is great about California and you have… Texas :joy:


Silicon Valley, actually employs very little. Hollywood Employs no one. You have a pseudo economy that has little to no gainful employment available, that is propped up by entities who dont employ Californians. .


If everything you said was true, sounds like it’s an economy that Texas should copy! Are they not smart enough to get on the gravy train you described?


There’s more than that—the military.

We should expand the socialist elements of our government significantly.

I’m already at home. Thanks for watching out.


Tell the government to get a damn job.


The military, post office, ect IS ITS JOB.


what does that pay?


You first my friend, tell me what’s good about it?


That’s a job perk to motivate volunteer recruiting.


Study lottery winners, mostly train wreck their lives.


working 30 hours a week instead of 40 hours is hardly winning the lottery.


Simply AWESOME!!!


That is ■■■■■■■ stupid.

By the time the rabble figures out which end of a pitchfork is sharp and how to light their torches, the 1% will be on private jets out of the country with their money.

See France…


Do I need to use tiny little words with you???


It’s OUR republic too, cons.


Can’t wait to hear him answer that one. :slight_smile:


I don’t want our government to be run by a bunch of conservative tyrants, so leave the country out of that, too.


What happened to Democracy??


Just thank Obama!



However much we pay them.