Why is democratic socialism bad?


somalia,rhodesia,cuba under batista,chile under pinochet


Taxing will continue until the economy improves.


Your success is appreciated by others that did not work as hard or well.


MT: The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.


Deuteronomy 25 V4
You shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing.


Like eating potato chips, where does one stop?





That is why Liberal if they want to win this debate need to shift the debate from “Socialism” to “Social Programs”


that being said Social spending only work if the public support it and that is iffy in the U.S.

in Canada you wouldn’t get caught dead talking about private healthcare, etc.


The term has been jackhammered relentlessly as a negative term term since before they could walk.

I don’t see a productive conversation coming out of this.

Never mind all of the parts of our government that are already socialist in one form or another.


As I said in post number 15.

With social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare, we have a degree of socialism here. So, mission accomplished. Now, go home.


You are describing a successful capitalist venture rather than a failed one. For the exact reasons you set forth including dying employees is the exact reason why Silicon Valley is a beacon of successful capitalism.

That being said and respectfully because you are otherwise a really interesting poster - the social experience stuff is utter nonsense and here is why

First of all it’s subjective. Social experience means almost any form of social interaction. What is an enriched or a positive contribution to that social experience is subjective to those who experience it. Therefore to conclude that they have done nothing is silly and more importantly it downplays true innovation thatvhaa come out of that part of the country


I was thinking more along the lines of how the constitution via the bill of rights provides for certain protections.


Agreed. You should tell your fellow conservatives to stop screaming “socialism” every time a social program is discussed.


Socialism helped make this country great. Remember the G I bill.


It has indeed been a wild success in terms of capitalism, which is why I’m saying it’s a failure. In its purest form, successful capitalism truly screws over most people, most of the time, throughout history. When you look at states that moderate business more heavily than we do, you get much greater parity in society. Of course the greatest example of this is the NFL, but I don’t want to get too far away from the topic.

To the social media, what I mean is more like this…look at the aggregate of studies on the mental health of digital natives. Almost across the board the generations that are more connected digitally report higher rates of anxiety, depression, social isolation, etc. It’s hard to imagine a piece of technology more incredible than the smart phone, but we’re at a point where it’s essentially a $1,000 device made for snapchat and IG. The tools created could be used for good, but they’re used for nothing of particular importance.

Rolling both of these things into one, I would say that a “successful” silicon valley would see advancements in automation that actually allow people to work less without sacrificing the ability to provide for their families, giving them more leisure time. The socialist movements dating back to the 1848 revolutions in Europe, through the gilded age here, and the Roosevelt administrations allowed people to work less, bring home more and discover that there’s more to do in life than work 80 hours a week and die at age 40.


Yeah i agree with that first paragraph. That was sort of my point in that it can be qualified as a success and a failure. Because capitalism. Much like socialism in its pure form leads to failure in the long run

Social media much like capitalism in its pure form can also certainly be described as an abomination. While it certainly has pro, the cons are too numerous to mention. This includes the current rise in gun crimes amount the young which i attribute at least in part to social media.

That being said my point was that a lot more came out of Silicon Valley the. Social media. And both IBM and Oracle have done a lot for automation.


True, and I’m certainly bullish on what’s still coming out. I just can’t find a better example of so much promise and potential for the working man that will ultimately not deliver. For instance I love Tesla and as soon as I get a house that can support in home charging I’m going to get a Model 3, but I doubt Tesla’s semi-trucks will make life better for long haul truckers. It will just force some of them off the road and the others will get their incomes pinched in a bid to stay competitive. Ideally, I would like to see every long haul trucker replaced by a self driving truck, but maintain much of the income they brought home when they worked. I can’t imagine the leap forward society would take if tens of millions of people were freed up to pursue their passion rather than make ends meet.


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