Why is democratic socialism bad?


That is correct. I did not say that forcing the minority to accept the majority decision was a socialist thing.
But forcing the minority TO ACCEPT SOCIALISM is a socialist thing.
And since we know the relative split between the haves and have nots, we know the have nots will simply be forcing the haves to hand over their money.


Do you love the premise about socialism not being bad but not defining what particular social programs are considered socialism?


You don’t think “Constitutional issues aside for the moment” is a bit too much to just put aside? Its like, lets discuss the power of the government but not include the entire foundation of that governmental power.


There isn’t anything wrong with the concept of taxes being used to benefit society, there is a debate how large and what areas that covers.


The Constitution itself straight out mandates socialism in term of defense spending


Which goes to my post of this being a sort of meaningless conversation without describing what we mean by socialism and what specific programs we are talking about.
The classical definition of socialism is the state owning the means of production. That doesn’t seem to be what posters are talking about here. Its more like “social programs”.


That’s the big question isn’t it? Why not conserve what we have to give to future generations, instead of ripping up what served our parents and great grandparents well.


Pretty much the concept of “Socialism” isn’t bad there are tons of program that I would say we both support spending tax money.


The better term would be preferring social programs, not socialism.
There is a difference.


“Social programs” doesn’t sound as scary as “socialism” to Republicans.


What is an example of a successful African nation?


How does a government Promote the general welfare of a society…without using tax dolllars from the wealthy, and sharing it with those that have needs?

Do we just hope the rich and wealthy corps and individuals will do the right thing?

Oh wait…that is what we are doing…how’s that working for the majority of working Americans?


Somebody’s hamster is not reading the news out of Sweden…


Okay then, on par with other great powers would seem impossible without big government if we listen to it’s fans. Hell, we should have been nothing more than Somalia, from what I gather.

As far as your second paragraph, I see things completely differently. Specifically addressing organized labor, unions are the bain of my existence. Anymore, they cause far more harm than good. They’re nothing more than parasites feasting on the able. And don’t me started on that insolvent Ponzi scheme named Social Security. I’d be doing a lot better if had that money the government took from all these years, money I’m not likely to see again.

Really, to answer your question, I see us on the decline. It’s what happens when the public realized they can vote themselves gifts from the Treasury. Politicians know that, too, hence their pandering. It’s how we get mildly retarded sociopaths like Trump in office. Promise people ■■■■ from the government.


I would say sign me up, but God already did. :sunglasses:


i would argue that the us system as currently implemented is a failure.
we have an huge amount of wealth concentrated in a very small number. lower life expectancies than other developed countries. more violence (a direct result of the wealth concentration),higher infant mortality rates. lower education.

if it wasnt for teh destruction of europe caused by ww2 i think they would have far surpassed us in economic prosperity.

the current US system can not last. there will be a point that the lowest 90% say enough is enough and seizes the wealth from the top by force,if nothing is done to even the playing field.


and higher life spans


If The People are not charitable that is thier choice, perhaps the state distancing them from faith in the divine fits with the model of forcibly depriving them of legally earned gain.


Actually Germany & France are both Republics, not Socialist countries and some of the difference between countries like that and the USA is extreme high taxes to support their HC System. Nordic countries, like Scandinavia, have what’s called a Nordic Capitalism or Nordic Social Democracy, so they’re not Socialist either and NONE have a better quality of life then Americans. Oh sure they are 1000’s of year old beautiful cities and countries but have not evolved to the prosperity and strength of the much younger United States of America.

If you want to get a good model of Socialism you have to look at he misery in Cuba & Venezuela and some other 3rd world countries. Liberals demonized Capitalism and now are trying to glorify Socialism. Not good and never in America!!


If the dog had not stopped to ■■■■, he would have caught the rabbit.