Why is Chicago such a hell hole? Here is your culprit

This lady is a maniac. The police do their best to get felons off the street and into prison so that neighborhoods can be peaceful and safe. Then this idiot drops the charges and sends the predators back the neighborhood to wreak more havoc. Only God knows how this sicko still has her job. Maybe they should nickname her “bloody Kim?” I guess people get the leadership the deserve.

BTW. There are several sources for this story. I linked Breitbart as a special favor to y’all. :wink:

Jussie Smollet and Michelle Obama totally disagree that she is a problem. :sunglasses:


Right? In Chicago, filing a false police report is encouraged. As long as it’s racial.

Foxx is a real piece of work all right. :roll_eyes:

That is one way to clear the docket.

It also keeps the work load light…

And most importantly, she stays safe in her upper class, low crime neighborhood.


No doubt with armed security as well.


Maybe somebody should bust into her house to see if she pardons them?

The blood of American lives definitely on her hands.

“Bloody Kim” :drop_of_blood:

Not unless they are ready to go to jail. That’s “different” don’t you see?

I agree one hundred percent…and said this in the other Chicago thread yesterday.