Why is Bob Mueller milking it? I think I know

Think about it. Bobby and others have been trying to make some connection to Trump and alleged Russian election tampering. When you count all of the so called investigations it’s been over two years of nothing. Think about it. He used a totally fake document funded by the opposition party in order to tarnish their opponent. And somehow, some way, the feds didn’t think it was improper to issue a warrant based on a DNC report? Pretty sleazy stuff. So Mueller really hoped that he could use this as an excuse to investigate ALL THINGS TRUMP. And still…………Nuttin. So in desperation, Bobby has resorted to digging into 10 year old non Russia related financial dealings of a few people not named Trump. So I think he has two reasons for milking this. He’s too embarrassed to come before the American people with nothing, so he’s going continue indefinitely and hope something, anything falls into his lap. The second reason? Money. When the investigation stops, so do his paychecks. He’s gotta be loving the easy money.

Your second point…money. Not so much.

At the private law firm where he worked prior to the start of the investigation, he was making millions. $3.4 million the year before the investigation alone. He now makes $161K a year as special counsel. If money were an issue, you’d think he would have ended this a long time ago.

From everything that’s being written, he’s going to close up on collusion and obstruction shortly after the election.
I agree, of course, that the whole thing was started without a firm basis, but that’s not so much Mueller. He had it handed to him.
I don’t think there will be much to make Trump uncomfortable. If it clears him completely watch the left, or much of it, turn on Mueller and claim the whole thing was a cover up.
On the money, I suspect he could be making a lot more elsewhere on his own.

At this point we are close enough on the big points to wait before commenting too much, IMO. After he comes up with something, let the hot discussions begin.

How do you have enough information to say he is milking it?

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He’s waiting to see who takes the house…so he know which report to send in.

Link please.

Go find it yourself.

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And this investigation will only drive his salary up, when he returns to the private sector.

If he wanted, he could never really work again - just phone it in as a board member or consultant.

Okay. Good research. Then he’s probably simply too embarrassed to end it without anything to show for it. I would bet the all of the new information that he has uncovered in the past six months can be written on the back of a postage stamp. BOLD AND IN CAPS. :nerd_face:

If facts dont help a lib, innuendo is their only hope. And as long as Mueller says nothing, they can play innuendo all day long… like they do on MSNBC.

Yes… and after years of investigations the claim of the IRS scandal turned out to be nothing.

Your contention that Meuller has two different reports has no basis in reality other than your hunch.

And that is fine.

Don’t treat it like it is gospel instead of ■■■■■■■■.

What? …

“I said this thing I made up a while ago, so that proves this other thing that I made up just now”


All what Lurch the 2nd has to do is alter couple of words to cause congress to continue investigating. If dems lose he will let it die on the vine.

If they should win…congress will take it up.

No different then Comey altering couple words so his Queen can gt off the hook.

Well It has been two years and they have not found any connection. Are you expecting that big break through any day now?

Mueller’s report doesn’t go to Congress. It goes to the DoJ.

Has there been a more successful investigation in political history?

But does it go to the DOJ before Halley’s comet returns? :rofl:

There has not been a more successful investigation in political history.


In other words, you’re saying that underhanded political “investigations” are ok, as long as they happen to the other side.

There was not just one investigation into Benghazi.