Why is Barr in Italy right now?

Very odd that at a time like this he’s on an unannounced trip to Rome, and no one is quite sure on why he’s there or who he is meeting with. Apperantly, a Russian national named in the Mueller report is in Rome as well. Not saying that they’re meeting, but given Trump’s willingness to drop Barr’s name during the phone call with the Ukrainian president, it’s not a good look. Just overall a very odd coincidence.


Sinister of course. :roll_eyes:

Doubt it’s anything of note. If there were a reason to cancel and come home early, I think an impeachment investigation with his name all over it might be a good one, however.

Meeting with the mafia ? :wink:

I think Pompeo and Bannon are also in Italy right now.


Wasn’t Italian goverment spying on Trump for Obama?

There is no evidence that “Spygate” is real.

I’m sure you can make something up, even if you aren’t sure.

See…no problem at all.

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Not really, the AG’s travel plans are not generally publicized ahead of time.

Your speaking bollocks Charles. A quick google search shows numerous stories where the AGs travel is discussed beforehand.