Why is a higher minimum wage bad but tariffs are good?

Many supporters of Trumps tariffs are the same people who attack the idea of a higher minimum wage, but tariffs drive up prices and the only people who get money is the government. A higher minimum wage may increase prices but that money goes into the hands of workers who the spend it which creates more demand and more jobs.

So how do you defend one while demonizing the other?

Actually the two are very separate issues. The tariffs are in response to other countries treating us unfairly in trade practices. The problem with governments raising the minimum wage is that largely impacts small businesses whom work on very tight profit margins.

Why is a higher minimum wage good, but tax cuts are bad?

money goes into the hands of workers who the spend it which creates more demand and more jobs.

I think we all saw where the vast majority of the money went, and it wasn’t into the hands of workers who needed it the most.

Because spending isn’t reduced along with the cuts.

That doesn’t matter. You are convoluting two separate issues.

Corporate taxes are not the same thing as individual income taxes. I am not a corporation, what the corporate tax rate is couldn’t be more irrelevant to me. Did the “workers” get a tax break or not?

But spending is cut with a higher minimum wage and that’s good?

First off, I don’t defend either policy.

As we have now seen, rising minimum wages cause real wages to fall. So it’s actually more harmful than even I thought.

In the past, I’ve repeatedly told you how to fix the middle class problem…and I’ll say it again: teach the middle class to save money! Ben Franklin was right, and we need to revive that idea pronto.

Tariffs do nothing more than protect high taxes and overregulation which is rampant in the US. We need less tariffs, not more, and attack the real problems in the US stifling industry.

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Good post.


No they don’t.

Who cuts their spending with a higher minimum wage and what effect does it have?

Yes. If workers had more money in their pockets, fewer people would be on Medicaid, food stamps and rent assistance. Govt. depending will go down.

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Well if it is anything like what is happening here tax cuts are going to be put less money in the minimum wage workers pocket and is either going to mean cuts in services or more debt which in the long run will either mean even higher taxes or even deeper cuts to service the debt.

This was something else I also did not get. First reason being the complaint that some people have no skin in the game, a higher minimum wage turns more people into tax payers. Second if the idea is less government especially spending then the private sector should be paying people enough that they do not qualify for government aid instead of teaching them how to apply for it as part of their compensation.

So I guess wages aren’t falling in the US right now, in spite of all the raises in the minimum wage? Is that what you’re telling me?

Do you live in an alternate reality, or can I have what you’re smoking?

Does it matter where the more money comes from?

If you realize the true goal of gop
Policy is to transfer as much wealth to the top 1 % then all these obvious contradictions start to make sense.

How are tax cuts going to put less money in pockets?

What money are you referring to?