Why havent we seen the “keyleigh is a baby killing liar” yet? she’s been eviscerating the idiot press

shes too much. tells it like it is

has any d talent leftist dogs like michelle whats-her-ugly-face and Samantha trophy unfunny Bee cracked on them yet?

how about angry stomping ■■■■■■■ Colbert?

she kicks press ass

thats gotta catch up with her sooner or later

no matter how attractive she is

I thought she was just a “blond bimbo”?


me too until she witch-spanks the idiot fumbling press on a near daily basis

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wow trump picks good people. gotta give him that

I remember seeing that comment. Very annoying to see.

She’s a really good spokesperson who I wish I could bring to meetings to speak for me.


see! most find she is top notch


leftists searching their asses off on vox and lefty jerk sites for dirt… get ready

maybe your hero stern has something about how much he hates her. that matters!

Well if deflecting is a talent…

the op’s right there. go hot shot!

I meant her, not you, hot shot…

she butt spanks lefty press losers back to the stone age

gawd do they need this

aint the 1980’s no more huh jerks?

or early 2000’s

She seems quite good.

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The media has a better tool than attack. Silence. If we don’t report it, it didn’t happen.

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awe man thanks i think so too!

man. so glad so many like her talents and recognize how she shows the idiot press what hack idiots they are.

oh i do know sir.

she seems to ferret that bs out though!

Wait till she goes full Ari Fliesher.

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but isnt about time someone from the mentally ill media, like mika, or her murdering ass husband Joe, or mr midget cue ball stetler declare with stomping baby feet shes a liar?

LIAR! they’ll scream. you’ll all believe because, you know, news

seriously though, seems everyone is afraid to touch her

cant she at least be “hope hicks’ed” shes just as gorgeous

everyones waiting. even those who like her