Why have the Jewish people been the most persecuted segment of humanity in world history?

From the beginning of recorded history until now, the Jewish people have been persecuted harder and longer than any other segment of humanity. Other segments have been persecuted, but usually for their land and resources. Jews have been persecuted for being Jewish.


Because we’re easy to “other”.

Because a core part of Jewish law is to help people.
While the Jewish law actually says to help both Jews and non Jews -it focuses on helping your neighbor. In most of history -Jews lived in towns and areas togethers so their neighbors were other Jews.
The result was that Jews focused very hard on helping other Jews. So they stuck together.
Over time, in almost every society - Those in power then see a huge group of people sticking together and all becoming successful because of that. They didn’t need outside help or to lean on others -they all helped each other. A group of people that were successful without outside help became powerful. And that would become a threat to those in power.
The result - From Persia, to Egypt, to Russia, to Germany - those in power saw the Jews as a potential threat so try to turn the rest of its people against Jews and argue that they are outsiders.



Jews had Jesus crucified. They are blamed for this. (Never mind the fact that if Jesus had not been crucified, there would be no Christianity.)

Jews stick together because they were ordered not to intermix with non-Jews because they, Jews, were God’s chosen people. They “other”-ed themselves.

Because they “other”-ed themselves, it was easy for the wealthy kings, etc. to persecute them. Give them the jobs of moneylender so that they would be unpopular, take their money then exile them so they (the kings) wouldn’t have to pay it back. (In other words, politics.)

There were and are plenty of poor Jews.

To say that they all became successful is a stereotype.

It’s true that Jews were raised to value education which has not always been the case with other groups.

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My belief is that the Jews have been so persecuted for so long because of Satanic influence. Of course, if you believe that the universe caused itself to come into existence, then you’ll probably believe my belief to be absurd.

Well that escalated quickly.


Do you troll frequently?

Is it possible that Jews stuck together because everyone else was out to get them?

I’ll bite…cause I’m bored

But could you expand on this? You mean Satanic influence on those who persecute?

Sure. I believe that we have a creator and I believe that Satan exists. I believe that, once God declared the Jews to be his “chosen people”, Satan began tempting people to persecute the Jews.

They’ve been persecuted like no other segment of humanity in world history.

Why do you think the Jews have been persecuted like no other segment of humanity in world history?

Dunno, I am sure there is a logical explanation
beyond the “devil made me do it” personally never gave it much thought…but I am an atheist so there is that…seriously though thank you for the reply

Yer funny.

Satan doesn’t make anyone do anything. We all have free will to follow him or to follow Jesus. Satan’s mission is to drive of many as possible away from God by any means possible. If he can influence you to be an atheist, that’s a win for him. If he can influence you to believe in the false religion of Islam that he inspired, that’s also a win. If he can persuade you to abort your children, that’s another win. If he can persuade you to murder or commit suicide, more wins for him.

The world belongs to him. It’s easy to follow him. He certainly rewards those that do his bidding.

If you say so…

It’s the way God wanted it.

They are his chosen people - if God hadn’t wanted them to be persecuted, they wouldn’t have been.

Pretty much everything in this is incorrect.

1 -Jews did NOT have Jesus crucified. Jews were marginalized people by the Romans. It would be the equivalent of saying African Americans in the 60’s had Kennedy killed. Jews simply did not have that power. The Romans killed Jesus. When Christianity spread the romans were the worlds super power. So - If Christians went around saying the Romans killed their savior - that would have ended quickly. However as a mater of fact - we know it was the Romans. So - Early Christians pushed the narrative that it was actually the Jews.
But historical fact shows that the Jews simply did not have this kind of Pull in the Roman Empire.

2- Your 2nd statement is just so far wrong it is clear you have never actually learned anything about Judaism from a actual Jew. Not only do jews not think they are “Better” then anyone, it is a core Jewish law to be kind, do good, and respect all people, including non jews. It is a cornerstone of the Jewish religion. Jews recognize that christens and Muslims have the same God as Jews and therefore are also Righteous.
A little story - It is Jewish tradition that on passover - when removing all food that is not acceptable for Passover from you home, you are suppose to give it to non Jews in need.

Here is a small overview. While you first point could be argued (As there is a conflict between historical context and new testament) Your 2nd point is just flat out wrong.


Why do you think Christians allowed ourselves to be influenced by Satan and be one of the groups to persecute the Jews?

Is it just me, or is it a little weird to discuss the persecution of Jews through the eyes of gentiles - the persecutors of the Jews?

Jews don’t believe in Satan.