Why have laws if libs don't want to follow em?

It seems that democrats want to write bunch of laws telling us what and how to do things in life…while ignoring laws that they have written in the past.

It’s almost like laws don’t pertain to themselves.

Nor do they want to suffer the consequences of those laws that they write.



The gist of their platform is, “People shouldn’t be allowed to do things that I think sucks!” and their “solution” is to empower an armed government to carry out their viewpoints.


It seems sometimes like they get a prize for the sheer number of laws they can write.

There are so many laws nobody knows how many laws there are.

Self licking ice cream cone.


Yes but why write em if they have no intentions of following em?

It’s almost like they write em to be used at a time of their choosing.

That’s exactly right. “Point your gun at them and make them behave the way I want them too!”


Because everything they (D)o is peaches and unicorns, and whenever their ways don’t work, it’s someone else’s fault.

Seems like they need to blame someone for their unintended consequences.


point of personal privilege…

How about some examples.

Lawyers don’t follow them why should enlightened progressive minds?

Progressive must be code for beyond law backed by any vague judicial ruling.


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Take General Flynn for example.

They charged him for lying to FBI. Meanwhile when FBI lie…they call it lacked candor…lying.

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From my understand I break at least three laws a day.

That’s 1000 laws per year.

I’m a bad man…

Imagine if someone didn’t like the way you live and expected the government to force you to do it their way instead, and force you to buy things they want you to have. :wink:

Scary thought…unless you do this we’re going to throw the book at you. We know you have committed a crime somewhere.

That ^^ Right there.

Do what I say…not what I do. :wink:


You’re being a little sarcastic, but you’re right. It goes back to Utopia. If we can have Norway’s healthcare, Sweden’s school system and Japan’s gun laws… UTOPIA!


It is being taught in many urban area schools.

No rules, no justice.

Yet the administration is holding up Oakland’s new discipline program as a national model. Little wonder: Teacher training for the program, led by Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth, includes sessions titled, “Race and Restorative Justice” and “African-Centered Restorative Justice Approaches.”

After spending millions on restorative justice and “courageous conversations about race” training, Portland public schools have seen their students only grow more violent.

After a black high-school boy repeatedly punched his teacher in the face, sending her to the emergency room, the teacher, who is white, was advised by the assistant principal not to press charges. The administrator lectured her about how hard it is for young black men to overcome a criminal record.

Worse, she was told she should examine what role she, “as a white woman” holding unconscious racial biases, played in the attack, according to the Willamette (Oregon) Week.

A white sixth-grade teacher at a mostly black Washington, DC, school told the US Commission on Civil Rights she had similar “conversations” in which she was told that the bad behavior of black boys is mainly the teacher’s fault. “I have been encouraged to examine and question how my own racial dispositions affect my teaching and my students,” Andrea Smith testified.

Wonder is DeBlasio will bring this up during his campaign?


They see news events happening on the other side of the country and expect the government to go do something about it for them. That’s some full-retard stuff right there. lol

Excellent example. It is a federal crime to lie to the FBI, but the FBI can lie to you all day long.