Why hasn't no other tried to deal with China on trade and economic issues?

Over the years I have heard over and over again economists and politicians express concerns about China on trade, intellectual property, currency manipulation, etc. As far as I know no one has ever tried to rectify these issues. I’m by no means an expert on this issue so I was wondering what some of you might have to say or what insights you might have.

I meant to say “no other president”


Sigh. What do you think TPP was about and why it was so important?

He was told it was bad. TPP bad.

I heard Nixon went to China.

The TPP was designed to do exactly what you are talking about.

Yep - and it was one of the best negotiating tools the US could have used.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Where have these people been the last few years!?!?!

And can they please just pick up an read a real newspaper - even once in awhile!

Um china is not listed.

Didn’t most of the Democrats oppose TPP though?

TPP gave lip service through group think to pretend we were countering China.

President Trump is in actual negotiation with China.

China cannot replace the soy it has scorned through counter tariff. A good deal will get done. Trump will get no credit and that will be OK.

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well he will get credit for slowing down both the US and China economies by imposing tarriffs.

That is a given.


Done nothing for the trade deficient with China which is at an all tie high.

“Trump promised during his presidential campaign and after he entered the White House that he would seek to reduce massive U.S. trade deficits with China.”

Promises unkept so far.


What percent of the population do you believe reads the specifics of trade policies? And admittedly I did not either. Lastly my OP was not partisan in any way since I posted it as a question, and hence admitted ignorance.

The irony of this as far as I can recall was that most of the Republicans liked ii while most of the Democrats opposed it.

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So China was not going to be prompted to remove its tariff’s even if the TPP had passed?

It’s all about money. Democrats and Republicans don’t support Donald Trump taxing China, mainly because it’s less money in their pockets.

Why make jobs in America, for American workers, and American families, when they can simply outsource millions of jobs, for people willing to work for pennies on the dollars?

They exploit the Chineese, and yet they act so inncent and pure. lol.

Trump should point this out!!!

So you’re saying had TPP passed the issues with China would still be there?

Not at all. TPP was simply a talking point and China would have carried on as usual.

The tariffs were needed for actual negotiation to occur.