Why has rioting left the headlines?

I haven’t seen any reports of peaceful protesting in the US for a few days. Has the rioting burned itself out? Has the negative effect of the violence on Democrat polls put them on the back-burner as news-worthy?

New Zealand just elected a Prime minister whose fawning press pundits noted last night has achieved nothing in three years apart from keep Covid19 out of NZ… so far. It seems the historic win that makes her Labour party able to govern alone in a house of five parties under a proportional voting system (MMP) is ln appreciation of her saving the nation from a virus the media whipped up fear over worldwide. That and the disintegration of the main opposition party (National) through in-fighting, that left them unelectable in the midst of a deadly war against Covid19. The economy is in a deep hole because of the no spread approach to virus management, but people are out and about without masks or social distancing. The middle right has switched their vote on this issue, IMO.

Safety and security has given her the victory. Of course, she hasn’t had rioting and arson on top of Covid.

To whom will the issue of safety and security deliver the US election ? I think, due to a year of media terror, that this is going to be the number one issue for middle Americans to swing on. No just Covid19, but riots, crime, terrorism and foreign influence play into the safety an security theme in the US.

Who has the best safety and security platform? Democrats or Republicans?

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Well it certainly isn’t the guy who’s amped up the Proud Boys with “stand by”.

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Has the rioting stopped? Googling “Rioting last night in US” gets nothing. “US protests last night” gets nothing.

Why are you asking me? It seems you have your answer.

So, they’ve stopped? Under Trump’s watch? That could be good for him.

Or maybe Google is hiding news of US protests because that news is bad for Biden.

The rioting was hurting the kid sniffer’s poll numbers.


That’s how it seems to me.


Maybe it’s getting colder in the U.S.
How is it where you are?

I’m in a two week entry quarantine at an airport hotel in Auckland NZ. Spring is springing here. 16 degrees C. Wouldn’t the fires keep the peaceful protesters warm? And the looted sweaters and jackets and gloves?

Protesters can face batons, pepper spray, the risk of Covid19 infection, but not the cold? Sounds plausible.

New Zealand is on my trout fishing bucket list.

I hope you get here sometime.

Yep. That and schools have started allowing less time.


I heard unemployment benefits have dried up for some as well.

Less time for riots? Makes sense.

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And the federal government under Trump is prosecuting for federal crimes where state prosecutors were catching and releasing. The safety and security issue looks good for POTUS. The media has generated so much fear hoping to discredit Trump, that they have driven middle Americans, including suburban housewives, into his protective arms.

Hoist on their own petard. It’s beautiful.


Umm…I meant going back to school, opening in the fall, allows less time for rioting.
Not that Rioting 101 is allowing less time.

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Well i was thinking that if unemployment runs out some people may be forced to go back to work hence less time for riots.

Yes, as far as rioting goes. That would be much of it. People who thought they were going to be brought in after throwing a brick at some cop and that they would be released the same night found out in some cases the could be spending years in a federal prison instead. That would slow me down.

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Headlines for both left and right leaning US media?

I’m asking because apart from what I see on my gym’s TVs I don’t watch either.

Good point. The idea of 10 years in federal prison seems to have slowed down the statue toppling as well though a couple were toppled lately.