Why fox news is sooo important


I though you would like that. :sunglasses: Sometimes I even carry an extra magazine. Especially at the movies.



Don’t watch them much for national news. When they cover political stories on local outlets (including the Fox affiliates) they seem to just stick with the facts and avoid opinions for the most part.


It kind of makes my point that those who insult Fox News the most don’t watch the network because libs filibuster no matter where they are and the do it plenty on Fox News and rarely does a Fox News anchor interrupt them or I would’nt shout so much at my TV or fast forward or turn the dang thing off! :angry:

If you watch Sean’s show at all you’d know he has libs on all the time and there is a real leftist lib hero in Juan Williams who is on everyday on The Five! If you’re a lib its your loss if your’e not watching. :woman_shrugging:


Networks that lied about President Trump colluding with the Russians are not reliable, obviously.


Juan is one of the most interrupted ‘libs’ on Fox. Guttfeld and Watters can hardly let him finish a thought without interrupting. Pay attention next time you watch.

If you think you’re getting fair and balanced from the Five have I got a President for you. Oops, too late.


Yep. Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Geraldo Rivera, Shep Smith, Kirsten Powers, Brett Baier, Neil Cavuto, Bill Hemmer etc. These people are nuts!


I find it hilarious that some people have an almost cult-like devotion to a politician. A wealthy New York real-estate politician! LOL!


Fox is important because it is one of the few MSM outlets that have a full spectrum of anchors and commentators. You have Shephard Smith and Chris Wallace and Marie Harf and Juan Williams, who clearly don’t like Trump, and others like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingles who clearly like him. And a range between these. No other MSM player has a similar balanced RANGE of opinions and analysis. Most are globalist/liberal echo-chambers.


I watched on ABC’s Youtube stream. No commentary during the speech. All they had on screen was a little graphic on the left side of the screen with a word or two stating the topic on which he was speaking.


No question about that. At the other networks even their so-called conservatives hate Trump.


Lol the irony


Greg and Jesse aren’t interrupting fast enough to stop Juan’s flapping jaws. :roll_eyes: I mute or fast forward whenever Juan’s mouth starts to move and I don’t pay a damned bit of attention to whatever dung he is shoveling!


I will take #3 all the time


Oh my god, yes, PREACH.


Kinda makes our point for us. Welcome to the echo chamber.


Where do you get countervailing points of view, if any? Is there a non-conservative person on a news network you will listen to?


Most Fox viewers don’t want to hear countervailing opinions. They’ll suffer liberals on Fox as long as their ridiculed and made fun of by the conservative pundits.


The BBC is interesting for an outside perspective on US politics…


Unfortunately the rise and now dominance of opinion entertainment in the news media has done real harm. These shows present themselves as news when really they are far from it. This goes for every cable news outlet…I always go back to this clip of Crossfire in which Jon breaks it down perfectly on how they are hurting America as they are nothing more then partisan hacks and this was in 2004.


Horse hockey… .