Why fox news is sooo important


Both CBS and CNN did a poll immediately after the SOTU and CBS it got 76% favorable CNN got 59% favorable! :open_mouth: It was a very good speech! :+1:


It doesn’t really much matter where you watch the SOTU, it’s the drivel that follows with the hours of “analysis”.


well news is news the story is the same everywhere now if you need to have “context” or “what it actually means” explained then you go to a slanted news channel like fox or CNN to get told what to think. for me I chose the BBC then watch the aforementioned channels it seems sometimes you are not seeing the same news piece. I suppose it is up to the individual do you want to make your own mind up from the pics and the story or do you want to be told how to interpret the story. I for one can do without either CNN or Fox telling me their corporate endorsed side of the story and i like to make my own mind up but if you like to be told what to think than you have at it son


Fox News brilliantly tapped into the market of angry scared older white people who want everything to be a conspiracy against them and want it presented with shiny graphics and cgi bald eagles and scantily dressed women.


Well that’s truly delusional.


I agree with you. There’s very little news on any cable “news” network. It’s a pretty constant stream of “commentary” where people talk about what actual journalists have been reporting on. Calling them news networks is extremely generous.

The reason is that, as Ailes discovered, journalists are expensive and commentators are comparatively cheap per time occupied on the dial. Not to mention the commentary is what people really want because it saves them the time to read the actual news themselves.

CNN has probably the most journalists out of all of them but the vast majority of news comes from a shrinking pool of print news media and an increasing pool of online news media outlets.


You’ll believe anyone who says what you want them to.

Tomorrow CBS and CNN will be fake news.


Lib’s haven’t a clue! They don’t watch Fox News (or watch Sean Hannity) and have no idea of the conga line of libs on the network, there is definitely something and someone for everybody!


Watch that conga line of libs on Fox and see how many get to answer a question or make a comment without getting interrupted by a fair and balanced host or panel member.


Promoting propaganda and encouraging Americans to indulge in an alternative reality, rather than a factual, objective connection to reality is not something to celebrate.

Encouraging Americans to be intellectually incurious, and rely on propaganda direct from the State is hardly something to celebrate.

The government should be for We The People, and should be recognized as working for us. Not working to manipulate us. What FoxNews is doing is a complete and utter disservice to this nation. Their all out refusal to challenge the State makes them complicit in the State working against our liberty and freedom.

It’s depressing to witness what this network has done to a certain segment of our populace.


Only in the minds left-wing radical hacks.


It’s an empirical observation.

Not as trustworthy as talking points and memes apparently, but I’ll stick with what my eyes see and not what your sources say.


Nope. That’s not what I sad at all. You missed it. It’s so you do not get the same single party talking points. A voice for both sides. And we both know how important that is. Without it we pretty much have TASS.


And it is also depressing to see what the others have done to you guys.


I wonder what’s going to happen to Fox News in 10 years when the over 80 yr olds are either dead or have dementia.


But the problem is Fox News only had one voice and their viewers are largely indoctrinated to hate all other media outlets.

In the end they only get one side.


But without Fox, how would the President know what to do? Fourth branch of government. Hope Hannity gave some good advice about the wall.


You are almost correct. I’m not angry or scared. We won you know. And I’m pretty doggone happy about it. .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Most of your threads are angry and scared.


The “I’m rubber, you’re glue” defense. Always a strong rebuttal. Especially when cutting an entire post down to a small snippet of its total.

In the future, please quote my whole post, or please don’t reply at all. Thank you.