Why fox news is sooo important


No. I’m asking you to identify which network is totally objective and does not favor one party above the other. You are over thinking this.


I did not claim that any networks are “totally objective”. Objectivity is something to strive for, not something that can actually be accomplished.


The amount of “news” on any cable news network is minimal.


So at the end of the day, Fox is important because they tell you what you want to hear. It’s really just that simple.


Very few people sit around listening to the pundits, only fools like us.

Nothing about cable news is healthy IMO, in any direction.


Its funny to see the arguments that were used against laws permitting media consolidation (how many radio stations a person/company can own), recycled to justify the necessity of a particular media giant.

To be fully informed, one needs to read both the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Worker.
Similar with broadcast media.


From what I read, none of the “alphabets” ran any real time fact-checking during the speech.

FNC is as corrupt, and biased, and dishonest as any of the rest of the outlets. The only difference is that they have people hoodwinked into thinking their dishonesty and bias is moral and necessary to combat evil and it feels really good because “they just say what the folks are thinkin’.”


One could watch it on CSPAN.




Except MSNBC is not a left leaning station. They are barely center-right. They focus more on corporate Dem politics which are right-wing lite views. That what is so insane about the Trump supporters and claiming cable news is pushing some left-wing agenda. They are the mouth of the establishment and Trump would been in bed with him if was not so stupid and started a war with the stations. SO Trump forced the cable news to actually report the news instead of being enablers of DC. Oddly Trump made cable news slightly better in reporting facts.


I’m not ganna lie, it looks pretty bad on the part of the Mainstream Fake News
Media, that they couldn’t destroy Fox a long time ago.

I’m just saying because they’ve always outnumbered them a lot to 1.
People started to realize that the Fake Mainstream News were biased, and lied a lot.


How dare for FOX to even exist…right libs?


Fox’s popularity is simply due to their chosen demographic clinging to cable, and antiquated rating systems that think “TV” is the same as 20 years ago.


Stay frosty, if they’re after FOX there’s no telling what they could do to a lone patriot standing up to their fascist/komma-nyst machinations.

Best for all good Americans to stay hunkered in their bunkers and maintain radio silence until the all clear is called.


Now that you mention it the press didn’t have “sides” before Fox showed up.

Coincidence or cause?


I thought you of all people would be opposed to government propaganda.


Not when I agree with it, by gum!


Most of the people watching SOTUs are fans of the president giving the speech. In this particular case it was even more lopsided than usual, evidenced by the fact that so many people watched it on Fox (because they would probably have been watching fox anyway). I watched what I could stomach on CNN. There was no chatter, just the live speech. This thread makes no sense.


No one said that, lib.


You. Although it’s clear you’ve delegated that to your sources.

The rest of us operate will slog through with real facts.