Why fox news is sooo important


Same. But sometimes I just get lazy. A few months back it was all Russia all the time on the other networks. Even when no additional info was coming in. Really incredibly boring stuff. Fox was there for the “other” news.


No, that’s not it.

Anything thats actually news will be covered in all the media. I suspect your adoration for FOX is less about news and more about opinion - since that’s most of what FOX does.


The other networks have chosen a side. So has FOX. If they had not chosen sides, we would not need FOX, But different opinions are critical.


Yeah. It’s the same across the board. They pick a side and render an opinion.


The side of truth and the side of misinforming conservative Americans because it’s good for business are not equivalent sides, either intellectually or morally.


This is the thing - if you get most of your news from the internet, as you just stated - this thread isnt about how FOX is important to you. It’s about how it is important as a propaganda device for other people.


Far, far more people get their news online then by watching any of the networks…

* CNN: 126 million unique visitors.
* The New York Times Brand – 93 million unique visitors.
* FoxNews.com – 86 million unique visitors.
* WashingtonPost.com – 84 million unique visitors.
* CBSNews.com – 67 million unique visitors.
* USAToday.com – 61 million unique visitors.
Jun 20, 2018


Welp, that’s one way to put it. Is that another way of saying “alternative facts”?

By the way, I happen to think Fox, all things considered, is a force for good at this point. If it were to go, Fox viewers would motor-scooter along to infowars, or some other God forsaken wasteland, and then we’re all completely ■■■■■■■

I would say the same about MSNBC, also. If it were to go, the risk would be the same for the ultra libz.


No, it is not like that “across the board”.

When it comes to the news, the only sides are reality and delusion.


It’s important yo have sources that are not all aligned with the same party.


The premise that everyone except FOX is aligned with a political party is not based in reality.


Who gets to decide what the alternative facts are? Me or you?


You don’t get your own reality.


Well, there is the other thing - Fox news tells Trump what he thinks for the day during his “Executive time.”


Which network is not aligned with the DNC and treats both parties exactly the same?


Very few people sit around listening to the pundits, only fools like us.

The speech was aired exactly the same on all stations.


This would definitely need to be addressed on a case by case basis. There are likely stories and issues about which you know more facts than me. And vice versa. The issue is when the one who doesn’t know, pretends he knows, as in “I know more about technology than anybody.”


A typo but funny. :slight_smile:


You are asking me to disprove something you made up.

That’s not how it works.


You missed my point. Read where I quote why FOX is most important. It goes far beyond one speech.