Why don't Trump supporters care about his corruption? 'Cause Clinton!

In all seriousness, this is likely very true. We often see people defend Trump by saying “but Hillary” or “but Bill”, and that is both wrong and right.

The Clintons were the picture of political corruption. There is no way there was so much smoke without some fire all of those years. And they brought that corruption to the White House once, and were trying their best to bring it back again in 2016.

That is why the Democrats – most at least – don’t have a leg to stand on when they scream and howl about Trump’s business ties, shady dealings, sexual improprieties, etc. The Clintons had all of that as well, and they showed us that all of that was OK in politics.

The only way the Democrats can move on is to renounce the Clintons and their corrupt practices, and fight to keep such corruption out of government. Otherwise, Trump will continue to gain popularity while still being 10x as corrupt as the Clintons ever were.

Good read. Thank you.

Trump groupies are no different than Clinton groupies. Both are obsequious groups that will continue to ignore the failings of their chosen idols regardless of what happens. It’s based in the divisive partisanship that continues to grow in this country, so long as that exists so to will these willfully blind groups.

Very good article.

I agree and that’s what I have been doing. Both sides have a tendency to only call out the other side’s indiscretions

I was ready to vote Republican last time if Kasich ran. Would you vote for a moderate Democrat in 2020?

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There was a bunch on that republican roster I was prepared to vote for, as an anti Hillary vote. The rest, I was just going to abstain from voting on the presidential ticket. I never dreamed a reality TV celebrity wanna be would come out on top.

I was ready to go with Kasich as well.

It’s a fair assessment, but when it comes to the sexual misconduct Republicans doubled down on the stupid by condemning it during the Clinton years like Jeremiah on steroids. They wailed about the erosion of moral and civil society and warned of our need to return to godly ways, even went to far to incorporate that sentiment into their political platform.

And now that they have lined up behind one of the biggest reprobates to hold the office? A shrug and whataboutism.

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Impossible. The Democrat party is simply an amalgam of malcontents. Without the Clintons the malcontents will simply dissolve into separate factions. No one… NO ONE … holds the malcontents together as a party like the Clinton machine does.

But good luck trying.

Sadly, you fail to point out that the GOP is also rife with malcontents. But I expected no nothing less!

Had Jim Webb been on the ballot against Trump (or any other Republican besides Kasich or Paul) I would have voted for him. But looking forward, I don’t see any moderates in either major party making waves about running. So it’s likely I will vote third party again.

Kasich my choice also.

Oh, there’s that old, elitist iberal media again, carrying water for the Clintons. Wait, what?

The Clintons normalized this. Trump is just the guy who took it and ran with it. And it’s left to the officials who come after them to clean up their mess and restore the Democratic Party’s anticorruption reputation.

Thanks Josh, but we might also give credit to the administration that witnessed the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 of its officials, the largest number for any U.S. president: Ronald Reagan.