Why doesnt the Congress Declare War

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsey Graham and even Mitch McConnell think it is a huge mistake to pull out of Syria.

The thing is, they are in a position to stop the pull out. Why dont they if they feel it is such a big mistake? The Congress has the sole authority to declare war. No president can do that. The President must execute the war if Congress declares it. Why doesnt the Congress declare war in Syria if they feel it is such a big mistake?

This all just looks like another thing that the congress wants to complain about without making any tough decisions.

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Sorry but they are not going to fix Trump’s ■■■■ up


How is ending wars a screw up?

Sounds more like we have a bunch of war mongers trying to stop Trump.

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Moving aside so another country can slaughter our allies is in every way a colossal screw up


Please explain how it is Trumps Screw Up? When was an act of war ever declared? Obama sent them over there when he drew his red line and congress wouldnt back him up on it. Would you want your kid to die over there?

If Syria is so important , let congress declare war. If it isnt that important, pull out. We should not have troops there in the first place without congress authorizing it. They authorize it by a declaration of war.

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They are BOTH allies and the Obama administration got us in the middle of them.

The last administration had good reason to defeat ISIS…No winners were coming out…Better to step aside with speed and certainty now. Trump can take the rhetorical lumps knowing the choice was not easy. It follows his USA first philosophy.


If your position is that we should remain there, than please tell me for how long? Just until the next president is in office, or 5 years 10 years, how long?

What does that have to do with it? Is Trump such a beta that he couldn’t stand up like a man and tell an ally not to slaughter our other allies?


Why do you ask this question only about Syria and not the myriad other places around the world where US troops are stationed?

Lets throw the other places in there as well. I am all for it.

To me it is reprehensible that a commander will have to write a letter to a family telling them their son or daughter has died in battle or from an ied, then 6 months later they decide the cause isnt worth the effort and pull every one out.

Either go in to take over and conquer, or stay home. If we are not in it to win it, dont get involved at all. We are not, nor should we be, a policeman to the world.

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What other places has congress complained about us pulling out of?

Congress has authority here. They refuse to use it.

Having 50 troops in place preventing genocide by their very presence isn’t a war. Stop making excuses for this greedy cheeseburger filled lunatic, it’s not going to be a good look in retrospect.


I mean if this how you want to try to pass the buck ok… but nobody forced trump to remove the troops…oh wait Turkey did

The people that are passing the buck is congress. They have the ability to keep troops there whether Trump likes it or not. Why do you suppose they are doing nothing but complaining?

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Declare war on who? Syria? And if so, which of the three “official” governments? Assad’s? His uncle? The other guy?

Trump is childish, immature and petty. He is also a jerk. I have conceded that point many times. This thread isnt about Trump. It is about our Congress.

Now please explain to me why we are obligated to keep 50 troops in Syria. How did that obligation come about? Who authorized the American Military to engage in combat operations in Syria? What is the metric for removing our troops from that country? How long should they stay there?

Not really. War powers act.
Nobody wanted to remove the troops… besides the turks and trump…but none is maybe putting 200 back…I dont know…

Just to be clear, a good bit of those fifty soldiers were Army Special Forces, their jobs are to organize indigenous forces into effective paramilitary fighters.

Doesn’t look good now.

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