Why doesn't anyone push for significantly more than the proposed $15/hour minimum wage?

Over the past few years many on the left have pushed for a $15/hour minimum wage, some even referencing that as a so-called living wage. But $15/hour is only about $30,000/year and you sure as hell can’t support a family on that, especially in a state like NJ. So what exactly is it that makes this $15 the magic number?

…cuz the actual solution, is much more difficult than to easily promote a band aid, that just kicks this can down the road, while exacerbating the problem that’s being intended to solve. The answer lies with in the home, early on, regarding the individual that this band aid would be applied.

Given the significant resistance to 15, asking for more would he even harder. That’s my guess, anyway


Why is there resistance to pushing for a higher number when people like Bernie Sanders and AOC are making $174,000/year?

If I’m going to artificially pay someone or force a business to pay someone compensation, that the job being done does not warrant and places a strain on the entire system as a result…I’m more likely to suggest financially compensating those that have a household income below an agreed upon threshold, money for good grades until they graduate from high school. Then they can actually apply a sound education into a profession that earns much more than minimum wage and generates more tax revenue in the long run.

I dunno. Ask yer friends. I am simply saying that 15 is probably as high as thought they could get

$15/hr was about the calculated “living wage” of a single NYC resident with no children in 2012, when the “Fight for 15” movement began. Today it would be $17.61/hr.


Stop, you are crushing the narrative!

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In 1964 (the year before they stopped making silver quarters), the minimum wage was $1.25 per hour.

A 1964 silver quarter weighs in at 6.25 grams and is 90% silver and 10% copper.

5 silver quarters comes out to 28.125 grams of silver and 3.125 grams of copper.

Ignoring the copper (sorry tweakers), the market value of silver on 2/2/2020 was $0.87 per gram.

28.125gr * $0.87 = $24.46

What’s a modern copper-nickel alloy quarter worth these days? 25 cents?


Minimum wage vs inflation

Neat picture.

After you described it perfectly, I thought it deserved the visual confirmation.

When confronting a problem, why not fix it? Why just make yourself feeeeel better by doing something that only helps for a short period of time because what it actually did was exacerbate it? It’s time we stop applying short term solutions, to long term problems.

Yeah well, now I just wasted my time doing the math. lol

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Doing math is rarely a waste of time. :+1:

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It’s not a wage problem, it’s a money problem.

Depending on the audience. :wink:

Who needs an audience? I’ve solved some of my most difficult math equations while driving on road trips.

I won’t get too far off topic after this statement, but there is always an audience. :wink:

Fair enough.