Why does Ukraine even have a Navy?

They were attacked by a coast guard vessel. Inform yourself. And. The correct grammar is: As I said, not like I said. Just thought you need to be informed.

Air support is checkmate. But yeah we get it, you are a real badass. :sleeping:

Grunts are supposed to follow orders. You’re acting above your pay grade.

Fair enough,

Get in line. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that. But still it never gets old.

Watching people explain ■■■■ to other people can be fun. I just had fun.

Same here. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t fun. Say one thing that someone disagrees with and it’s instant hair on fire hostility. Good times.

Oh, and BTW:


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There is no such thing as a former Marine…

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Isn’t it fun when an armchair general monday morning quarterbacks a real incident without having all the facts?

Not sure if you picked up on this, but these boats don’t have surface to surface missiles. Just adding some information to your scenario.

So much stupid in this thread.

The best kind of stupid.