Why does Trump refuse to release his tax returns? House Dems want to know

He is hiding something- otherwise, he would not be so determined to keep them secret. I wonder if it has something to do with what Cohen said- he UNDERVALUED his assets to cheat on taxes? Or is it the fact that he OVERVALUED his assets to get loans from Deutche Bank? Is it because he’s worth way less than he purports to be?


I’m thinking the bank might want some recompense for the fraud perpetrated upon it, as well as back taxes and penalties to the IRS.

What a guy.

And he woulda gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that meddling insatiable thirst for validation and fame.

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What fat donald doesn’t want more than anything, is for people to never find out how much he’s actually worth.

Perhaps, but I lean more toward he doesn’t want to be found out pulling numbers out of his butt to suit his purpose at the time.

Criminal AND stupid if he did.

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It doesn’t matter if he was shoveling money in Putin’s mouth, not a single Republican has the guts to do anything but wrinkle their brow.

^^^^^^ This. Trump’s a fraud. Nothing will prove it like his taxes.

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He shouldn’t be scared. His followers won’t defect if they find out he’s in debt and broke.

Because he is a fraud…always has been…but his base wont care because ■■■■ the libz…

D. All of the above

Trump’s taxes are the business of the IRS. If they are satisfied, so am I. The rest is for “enquiring minds”…unless the IRS isn’t to be trusted? In this case, I suspect them to be very adversarial so that again…I’m satisfied.

What’s a few million?

He’s already saddled my kids with even more crushing debt. He doesn’t care.

Note collusion sneak out the back door as the big issue.

This is all you are posting…you are so focused on prague you ignore wikileaks…

You will find out when Mueller releases his report (if he ever does). There is no doubt that Bobby has subpoena’d the tax info.

I find it hard to care about what dimocrats want to know after the great russian hoax.

■■■■ them.

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I’m hoping that Barr does his job and heads roll over this debacle. But I’m not expecting it. Government doesn’t like to hold government accountable.

Or, ■■■■ Trump. You haven’t seen the sealed indictments. Maybe you’re getting a little out in front of your skis there.

6 out of 7 US nationals charged so far pled guilty. The other is awaiting trial. Interesting way to define “hoax.”

As it certainly needs to be ignored. Cohen stated (Stone denied) that Stone told Trump Wikileaks was going to release a bunch of emails before it happened.
Suppose Cohen is telling the truth there? Being told it is going to happen isn’t colluding to get them released. If someone offered to tell me ahead of time I certainly wouldn’t turn them down.
Not only is that legal, if it is completely true it is also ethical