Why does Trump keep Lying and why are you OK with it?

When I was a kid…that was my CB handle. C.W. McCall and convoy…lol.

No he doesn’t and no, by and large the middle class doesn’t.

What I’ve noticed is how many times Obama is held up as the standard Trump surpasses.

I might be impressed if the same posters didn’t insist that Obama is the worst ever.

Higher standards should be set.

He’s really, really gotten under your skin. And he’s going to stay there for ay least two more years. I like that. :clown_face:

Except Trump doesn’t surpass them. Only in their dreams

Why??[quote=“altair1013, post:67, topic:128920, full:true”]

He’s really, really gotten under your skin. And he’s going to stay there for ay least two more years. I like that. :clown_face:


Better him than me. I would think that after two solid years of being totally consumed by hate, people would move on. The obsession cannot be healthy. Two years of life totally wasted in a hate filled stupor. There must be a better way to live.

Remember when Sarah said Trump being President was God’s will.

I believe her. Only he’s not here to save us, he’s here to test us.

Why are people okay with lying? The same reason the the dems were fine with the lies of Holder, Obama, Hillary and others. Look no further than Altair’s first law of politics (see below).

  1. Democrats could not care less about the lies of their democratic politicians.

  2. Republicans could not care less about the lies of their republican politicians.

But neither can tolerate the lies of the other party.

It’s quite simple really.

I just have standards for the person I support. It’s ok if you don’t.

Both siderism is a great way to absolve ones self from having standards.

Like Charlie Brown.

He’s gonna get caught - just you wait and see. Why is everybody always looking at me.

What were your Hillary standards? I’m guessing they were pretty low. :roll_eyes:

Get caught doing what? :sunglasses:

Why is everybody always picking on me?

She doesn’t lie 4,000 times a year to her supporters. Lol.

Who said he lied 4000 times? And how many times did they claim that Hillary lied? Lol.

Have you not been paying attention on this thread? It’s been mentioned, many many times. Heck they created a new Pinocchio rating for this administration. The Bottomless Pinocchio. Fitting for such a liar.

You said earlier that you enjoy it upsets me. Don’t get me wrong, it distresses me to see the presidency sink so low. But it also amuses me to see Trump followers either gobble up the lies (and ignore what their eyes tell them) or accept them like they are no big deal. We have had both on this thread.

No, I have not kept track of the entire thread. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I walk away from the this forum sometimes for several days. Because too much of this crap isn’t healthy.

So I will ask again, Who is “they?” Who claims that he lied 4000 times and how many times are they claiming the Hillary lied? I just need some perspective.

Read the thread. Do your own work.