Why does Trump keep Lying and why are you OK with it?

After Trump became POTUS posts here about his lying had his supporters repeating “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” and the other Obamacare sayings. Funny how that wore out after awhile.

We are really abundant with Trump lies, when they have played the keep your doctor quote until it sounds so hollow.

A person wouldn’t be married to a habitual liar, so why should we have one as president?

Ya he lies but that was a pretty big lie “If you like your healthcare you can keep it”. Donald for the most part is just blowing hot air, Obama made everyone’s healthcare premiums rise and people are still defending that atrocious law.

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One could say like Hillary she would have a “public and private position on Wall Street”. One truth to tell us and another the “real truth” to Wall Street, good times.

Ha ha. I like how you trivialize Trump’s lies to being just hot air. Those who have been the victim of his lies I imagine would disagree.

He was advocating that a wall would stop drug trafficking. And it would not.

You are doing what Republicans in the past famously pilloried Bill Clinton for doing.

You are parsing.

Trump hasn’t done anything more than the run of the mill politician has done.

Taxes may very well go up then. A shame for us working stiffs.

The fact checking at the Washington Post is a farce, but even they are not claiming 8000 lies from Trump.

Republican statements are reviewed with fine-tooth comb and any minor questions of fact or “misleading” arguments are attacked. On the other hand, if a Democrat makes a false statement they usually ignore it. If Republicans start to criticize it, then they find a minor question in a Republican response and dump on that.

The whole game is rigged.

So cut the number in half, 4000 lies. That’s probably more accurate anyhow, as it cuts out the half truths and gets right down to the outright lies…

Still horrendous.

So you’re saying Trump is a run of the mill politician, not a maverick outsider who was going to clean up Washington and by God get things done for the good of the American people?

Good to know at least one of his supporters didn’t buy that yarn…

You are partly right. Trump places Americans over illegals. The middle class keeps more of their paycheck under trump. But yeah he is a politician and politicians play well to their bases.

The operative word there is ‘little’. The grift he doled-out to suckers while the awarding his heavy-hitter buddies.

I am only concerned about me and my money. I am not envious of other people money.

No that’s how nonsocialist think. My hard work my money.

You think that’s how it works. How cute.

They support him because he’s not Obama. Supreme Court appointees, and hey you illegals! Get off my damn Lawn

That is all.


Telling it like it is. Great past Allan.

Spoken like a psychologist or at least a good profiler. You hit the nail on the head.