Why does Trump keep Lying and why are you OK with it?

It’s trite but it’s all about owning the libz.

No, the Washington Post claims a list of 8000 “false or misleading claims”. For example here is a statement from Trump that the Washington Post claims is “misleading”:

"Heroin alone kills 300 Americans a week, 90 percent of which comes across our southern border.”

Here is the Post’s response:

Even the Post admits that Trump’s claim that 90% of the heroin comes from Mexico is true, and heroin results in the deaths of 300 Americans a week. The issue is that Trump is using these facts to support improved border security, which the Washington Post adamantly opposes. Therefore they claim that Trump’s statement is “misleading”.

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Liberals brought number 4 into fashion during bubba Clinton years. Kind of funny now to see them scream and yell about standards of a president these days.

Number 5 is wrong, just go into any one of these liberal made threads and see how many times liberals refer to trump supporters.

Trump lies because lying, for him, is just easier that telling the truth. Telling the truth means actually knowing what is true, and keeping track of what you’ve said in the past

Both of these this are VERY hard for the Donald(impossible). So he lies.

That is a lie. Feel free to defend it. But it is a lie.

One who puts their trust in The Washington Post should not cast stones. e.g. “What really happened to General Patton and what role did The Washington Post play in it?”. Study your history my friend. Then pick who you want standing next to you when the truth starts flying! This was meant to be a reply to Vigilante at top of page.

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I put trust in my eyes. Lol. Not to brag, but I live in reality. I can tell facts apart from lies.

Was his ignaguration the largest one attended ever of a US president?

No. Using facts to support your argument has nothing to do with lying, even if you totally annoy the snowflakes at the Washington Post in the process.

It’s misleading because Trump implies the border wall would significantly stop drug trafficking…which it absolutely would not.

You were misleading because you stated "Trump cites these facts to advocate for increased border “security”.

No he does not…he cites them to advocate for the wall.

It’s misleading, thus a lie.
Want to try this with any of the other 8,000 plus lies?

Border security is in part a wall, is it not?

Tax cuts for the middle class are real. In fact I am getting a nice little refund back. I will take this moment and thank President Trump for his efforts to do the right thing for us working class people.

Trump’s statement that the Post quotes says nothing about the border wall, yet the Post still claims it is misleading even though they agree it is factually correct.

My observation is that the vast majority of alleged “lies” from Trump are facts and/or rhetoric used to support arguments that Trump’s opponents violently disagree with. The easiest way to for Trump’s opponents to deal with the arguments is to dismiss them as “lies”. How convenient!

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Trump’s lies are also real.

Let’s agree to disagree.

What other listed lies of Trump’s do you want to debate?

My opinion is that the Post’s response is certainly misleading; does that make it a lie?

The Post admits that the facts in the Trump quote are completely correct, yet they claim it is still misleading because it may be used to support arguments that they disagree with.

Of course, with Washington Post itself has a history of misleading statements from its fact checker. Here are some examples:

The Daily Wire? Come on man, do better then that.

And it’s kind of funny to see Trump Nation declare that character doesn’t matter anymore. Round and round we go.

Have you done any research on what will happen to your taxes in 2024? From what I have read, most folks in the lower and middle income tax brackets will have their taxes raised a considerable amount.