Why does Trump keep Lying and why are you OK with it?

Lying Donald up there to day saying that he had a Tower Deal going till mid 2016 while during his he said he had nothing to do with Russia.

Saying that he and the intelligence community were mis-characterized while they were on video under oath stating the exact opposite of what Trump was saying.


This guy is a shlubby Goober.

He lies about the easily provable (inauguration size) and he lies about the small stuff. He lies all the time. The Wash Post said he averaged. 8,000 provable lies in his first two years in office.

Cue the common refrain, “you can keep your doctor.” It’s a weak defense against supporting a liar.

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Something, something, supreme court judges.


He’s a clown.

A lying, liar clown, who lies.

I read he didnt even read the intelligence report and just winged it…

I’m not sure why his supporters support this stuff…maybe it’s from years and years of doing the samething so the truth just kinda bounces off them these days…its like they say 2 plus 2 is 5…you tell them its 4 and the next sentence out of their mouths is 2 plus 2 is 5…like you never said a word .

I mean it takes some real dedication to just ignore reality that hard and use your own…

To someone like me who is agnostic…that must be what’s it’s like to believe or to not believe in a god…

Sticking it to libs as well

His supporters are too invested to turn on him.

I’ve said it before but how many of these people, who have no problem with Trumps pathological lying,put up with total liars in their personal lives? I know I don’t and I wouldn’t trust any politician who compulsively lies almost daily either.

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No one would put up with it. But in the case of supporting Trump, many of his supporters are too committed to do what’s right. At this point it’s about pride and not wanting to admit to the mistake of supporting pathological liar.


I think at least part of it is a general mistrust of “elites” and those who claim to know more than you do about something (usually they do, if it’s their job).

Rather, take the word of a loudmouth who shouts down others and puts those eggheads “in their place”, kinda like good old Dad used to do.

This particular statement is him trying to align his time table with what Cohen admitted to.

There will be more of these types of changes in his story.

Trumplicans will conveniently forget everything he originally said. I’ve seen people already say he never said he didn’t have anything to do with Russia. Doesn’t even matter there are dozens of videos out that show him saying it on the campaign trail.

Like Lizzy Borden Warren.

^ This. They’re completely invested in Trump and have committed too much capital to ever turn back and admit they were wrong.

I was totally invested in carter in 1976.

And by 1980 I had enough.

Fellow dems tried to dissuade me, no soap.

I know carter was not a good president,

A little introspection is necessary.

Wonder if some trump voters can realize this.

Trump is not a good president.


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Nothing like her. But nice try at deflection.

8,000 lies in two years. That’s 11 lies a day.

People support a man who lies to them 11 times a day.

Its a different time. Trump supporters have the CEC in the ear, 24/7, egging them on. Plus many of them, like Trump, see admitting a mistake as a character flaw.


To sum up:

  1. The “I voted for policy, not the man” justification
  2. The influence of the CEC
  3. The mentality that sees admitting a mistake as weakness
  4. Partisanship (revenge against/desire to see opposition marginalized or suffering)
  5. Projection (interpreting criticism of Donald as criticism of themselves)

Nicely said.

Trump’s tweets and rumblings are often just comfort zone ideas. It doesn’t take any thinking to live there, but he does. And a block of the party loves him for it.