Why does this administration think more Foreign Dependency is the Answer

First it was impede domestic energy production and energy infrastructure, at the expense of US jobs. Now it is impeding domestic mining for minerals, including those needed for battery production. Apparently being dependent on foreign sources (like China) for essential minerals, supporting foreign economies and foreign workers is somehow wiser that using US sources, with US workers.
Domestic mineral supply chain debate continues after Biden cancels Minnesota mining leases


its funny because Biden pretty much ran on a more polite version of “build American”

He is a career politician and his lips were moving…


Chilean company wants to mine In undeveloped US wilderness.

Obama says no.

Owner of Chilean company rents out large house in Washington DC to Ivana Trump and Jared Kushner.

Trump says yes.

Biden looks at that deal and says no.

Seems about right.


So the deal is off until they offer Hunter a spot on the board and Joe’s brother and sister consulting contracts. Makes perfect sense now.


Funny how you skipped over the part where Trump said yes after his family was taken care of by that company.

But yes Hunter

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Funny is not the word that comes to mind …

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Just drawing the obvious conclusion.

And a hell of a deal for the Chilean company, get your mining leases and a monthly rent check from Jared.

*corrected company nationality

All of the top ten mining companies in the world are foreign (to the US) based. Why does it shock you that they desire to extract minerals from some of the largest known mineral deposits in the world?

Biden just recently blocked access to a high-grade ore copper/zinc/silver mine (which also contains significant deposits of indium, germanium, gallium, and cobalt) in Alaska, in addition to cancelling existing oil leases in ANWR and closing millions of acres of the NPR and offshore tracts to leasing. He is a disaster for domestic production of petroleum and strategic minerals.

P.S. Where do you think untapped mineral deposits are found other than in undeveloped areas? Do you even know how concentrated mineral deposits are formed?


Not there. No way.

Are they willing to set up a generous fund, upfront, that will pay for the restoration of the area after they finish operations? Big enough to cover disaster scenarios too?

Probably not.

So no.

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more dependence


By offering a financial life line to another communist tyrant.

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Man… those soggy laptops really got to you guys.

Your the one who claimed the mining was only approved because of a quid pro quo between the Trump family and the Mining company. I’m just following the logical path from there that the Biden family hasn’t been offered their cut.

I know…I know… this is where someone says “big guy”.

It is wild that President Biden has to made out to be super corrupt and how bad that is all the while excusing the actual and real corruption of the former President as some sort of “gotcha”

It is quite funny.

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As did Its a bad deal for America.


lol… your imaginings do not corruption make

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And just how is an underground mine, employing US employees, conducted to US mining standards, producing US resources and stimulating economic activity in a region of the US a bad deal? The status quo is import a larger portion of the needed materials, from nations that don’t follow US environmental rules, all the while supporting jobs and economic activity outside the US in places like China. So explain the logic that makes this US mining operation a bad deal.

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Decades of corruption.

But I know… it doesn’t matter.