Why does the left only want to screen Americans?


Wanna solve the problem of getting screened upon return to the country? Its simple…don’t fly in the comfort and speed of a plane that lands at an international airport. Instead, hump all your vacation bags to one of the borders and attempt to get across the border in obscurity.

I guess if you want an exciting vacation, that might just do it.

As for the ones coming in illegally…that problem is never going to go away. Sure, we can slow it down with better measures at the borders, but a motivated criminal will eventually figure out a way around even those measures. Is it your premise then that because some people simply won’t follow rules, we just shouldn’t have rules?


…actually no.

Most “illegal immigrants” in this country flew in legally, then overstayed their visas.


You ask a civil question and get hit 88 different times with lunacy from our juvenile fugitives from the home for wayward girls. They add no value. Just sissy panty wearing gangster wannabe Downvote Night Rider Rump Rangers torching anyone who ain’t them.

I’ll tell you one reason you’re singled out. That ticket you purchased is a sort of contract. You promised to be good and follow the rules. Even the dumb ones. The system is real good at enforcing the rules. A well oiled machine with much experience. There isn’t a new thing you can think of that it doesn’t already have a rule for.

Whereas illegal aliens who slip into the country never signed into the compact. The system is flummoxed. It strangles itself with loopholes and challenges to its authority. No rules. No common sense.

Trump is working to right the system but it’s a slow go for there is only so much a single man can do to turn the leviathan around…even if he is the pres.


no one is pushing for unchecked immigration.


No they don’t.


Noticed on my recent trip to Italy, breezed right in with no hassle from customs, major hassle getting back. Italian cops in the air port with machine guns. My takeaway, sure you can walk right in but if you get squirrely we will fill you full of holes. Have to say I prefer that approach.



I have a tendency to see a post to respond to, and neglect to read the rest of the thread, to make sure that no one beat me to it.


No not all. But congress is set up for majority rule. They don’t need all. The majority in both parties want to screen only Americans.




Yep. And my yep means more than your nope.


I will.

But your old timey conservatives say I’m not a conservative. SO maybe that doesn’t count.


Yes you are.


Since you have no evidence no it doesn’t.


Well, if you have a blonde haired wife and three blonde haired pre-adolescent daughters, getting pulled out of line for extra scrutiny takes quite a while, and I say that from personal experience. Not only that, I am convinced they did it just to “show” that they don’t profile. There ain’t nothing wrong with profiling it is coupled with and dependent on behavior as a critical factor.


Well if you are looking for evidence, may I suggest the constitution?


You made the claim you prove it.


What you just described isnt profiling, its observing.

Profiling is when you do basically the same thing without the hassle of having to do the observing.


A female TSA agent just reached out and started rubbing wife’s thigh a few years back. Wasn’t part of a search or a pat down. We just looked at each other like, did that just happen?


Wow. Just………….wow. That’s right out of bizarro world.


And when they’re caught they should be arrested and kicked the ■■■■ out. But that would be racist, or mean, or something. Can’t hurt their feelings.