Why does the left only want to screen Americans?


Yeah. Insult and denigrate the unknown level of inebriated locals as a lone stranger in a foreign land. On top of that show them some of that good old ugly Anerican attitude.



I was there 4 years ago, and the only thing I was asked by locals after they heard my accent was “And which side of the family would you be here researching, then?” :wink:


Good answer. If we all voted for politicians committed to securing the border, then the border might be secured. Too many have decided that the best way to handle the border crossers is to ignore them.


An affliction endemic of both parties unfortunately.




You’ve as yet provided no factual basis for this premise.

Are you planning on doing so at any point?


Based on the replies you’re getting I’d say its proved your point! Like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld TV show
“No sanctuary for you!” :rage:

Leftist are supposed to be against bullying and supposedly concerned about he opioid epidemic, child, people and sex trafficking in this country while they bully fellow citizens who don’t agree with them, want to give sanctuary to illegal drug dealers and they want to abolish ICE!!


So are Melania and donald.


Why won’t any conservatives champion the cause of severely punishing any business owner who hires illegal immigrants crossing the border? Let me tell you what conservatives think - they want an open border policy for the sake of making high profits without having to compensate workers with a sustainable wage and proper benefits.

Wow - inaccurate blanket statements about a demographic is fun!


Terrorists have come in on airlines before usually flying the airplane


You are confused blackie. Conservatives do want business owners who cheat the system to be held accountable. But the democrats and republicans keep getting in our way.


All conservatives uniformly want that, without variance? All Democrats and Republicans uniformly oppose it?



Always fondly remember during the Iraq War when all liberals “hated America” or were lumped in “Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the left hate freedom” or “liberals side with the terrorists”.


Just wear a MAGA hat, I bet that would go far.


Ah those were the days. I remember being called unamerican and unpatriotic for opposing the invasion of Iraq on the old board, while serving in the Army and deployed to Iraq.


Donald doesn’t give two ■■■■■ about the opioid crisis.


Amazing, huh?

I was only lurking back then, but I also remember the rash of “you don’t get an opinion on the war if you have never served.”


Even more amazing is some of the members here spewing that ■■■■ did a 180 and claimed they were against the war the whole time.


Oh Lord…my soul sold to the devil or just keep my mouth shut…decisions, decisions…


Yeah. There was a lot of that. Also that was extended to pretty much anything military.