Why does the left only want to screen Americans?

Nope your wrong in general too.

And there you have it. It took a while. But you have finally made my point. You and most liberals are in favor of screening Americans but not illegal border crossers

Why did we have to dance around what we already knew?

When you stop making false statements and are willing to discuss then this thread will have merit.

The GOP is in charge now, not liberals, so get over yourself.

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True. But if both parties wanted to secure the border it would be done. Right now its a screen door on a submarine.

Ah nooo your wrong.

The GOP sucks. At least can agree on that.

Not really.

I think it began the minute you got crazy thinking you know more of what “the left” thinks than those who are on the left do.

Perhaps it began as a head injury?

Perhaps it began after too many hours of absorbing Right wing punditry, which led to that insanity?


Oh great Lou. Now is this the part where I call you a jackass and you respond with another insult just like we are in third grade? C;mon man. Grow up. This is beneath you (and me). And it also is a blatant violation of the rules of this forum.

Any time one of the CEC talking heads starts off by saying, “Let me tell you how liberals think (feel)”, what follows is usually pure BS. And it is equaling amazing that those who listen and believe in this BS will not change their minds, even if the truth comes up and smacks them across the head.


I am of the “left”.

You had no cimpunctions with accusing me of insanity.

I just turned your invalid accusatory argument around 180 degrees.

Now you feel insulted?

Color me syrprised.

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Yeah. It is amazing. I am now living in an ultra Right Wing and Trump loving area. First time in my life, ever, I have felt so fearful of speaking my mind publicly when simply stating facts.

Yes it is. Such an unbelievably egregious false blanket statement, it boggles the mind.

Back in the early 80’s I was in Ireland. One night at the bar the two guys sitting next to me asked where I was from. Then they asked me the big, loaded question, “Are you Catholic or Protestant”? Not knowing what the correct answer was and certainly not wanting to start a fight, I lied and told them I was Jewish.


Okay so let’s start from scratch. Should those foreigners crossing the border on foot be screened as well as American citizens get screened when we enter our own country?


Good thinking!

The best answer would have been, “I came here to have a beer, not to discuss politics or religion. I’m on vacation dammit!”

Everybody entering our country should be screened equally.


Tadlock broke the law. There is only her word out there that the screener treated he the way she claims she was treated. I will take her word with a grain of salt, as it were. But there really was no excuse for her action. Reasons, perhaps, we could say, but no excuse. It is not as if there isn’t ample warning on undeclared fruit ou r vegetables. Tadlock got complacent and perhaps even a bit lazy.

It’s a rant. That no one has ever advocated for a “free for all” at the border is irrelevant.