Why does the left love the Democratic Party more than poor and average Americans?

I’ve never been able to figure that out. Can you?

Are you under the assumption that there are no poor or average Americans in the Democratic Party?


What has the GOP done to help poor and average Americans?

what are they supposed to do?

Then your assertion is illogical, because you make a clear distinction between poor/average americans and the Democratic Party. Which one is it?

Putting the interests of Americans before the interests of foreign migrants, for one. Engendering a strong economy in order to have a higher standard of living is another.

You need a little more of a discussion topic.

The Democratic Party supports open borders, unlimited immigration and welfare for all who come on the backs of the American people. The Democratic Party loves employment but hates employers. The Democratic Party believes in endless regulations that make it more difficult for the American people to be prosperous.


Democrats are baaaaaaa baaaaaa baaaaad.

I didn’t say they’re “bad”. I said they prefer their party over people.

So they’re good?

Misplaced loyalties.

But then that means there are no poor/average Americans in the Democratic Party, which is in conflict with your previous statement.

You have learned the CEC talking points well. And they all are false. Democrats do not believe any of those.

Made it a lot easier for them to find good paying jobs and work their way out of poverty to the middle class or from the middle class upward.