Why does the FBI slow walk investigations they don't like?

Three examples:

Hunter Biden: They have had his hard drive for years. They have the best forensic people in the world. They know absolutely whether or not this was a fake or Russian disinformation. No doubt about it. Yet they are sitting on the info. Why?

The Hillary Dossier and the Russia collusion hoax: Again, they have been "investigating " this for years. They have had more than enough time to determine whether perjury or other crimes were committed. They have all the answers, yet they remain silent.

Jan 6: Almost five months have passed. The FBI knows right now all the details. They have interviewed hundreds of people, subpoenaed phones, emails, social media accounts and testimony. They already know why this happened. Yet I have no doubt they will sit on it until at least the the mid terms.

How can the best law enforcement agency in the world be soooooo freaking slow? Good Lord people, move your ass.

This is an institution that is supposed to be politically neutral but they have become politicized and being used as a weapon of the Democrat party.


As has the IRS an the entire federal government. Right now, they’re working on converting the military.


Because FBI is corrupt to very â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  core.


Peter Stozk, Andrew McCabe, James Comey and now Christopher Wray prove it and there is no denial.


You have no idea whether they have HB’s laptop/hard drive.

Try harder.

Hunter Biden dodges questions on laptop seized by FBI - CNNPolitics

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Trump’s DOJ had four years. And I will bet dollars to dog nuts that if either Sessions or Barr could have, they would have.

Rope a dope. Running out the clock. Wait till circumstances change and then everything can quietly disappear?



I’m betting that neither of my first two examples ever conclude. They will just drag on until people lose interest. Then simply disappear.

You’re making my point. We the hell haven’t they wrapped this up yet? It’s bizarre.

My question would be wither or not the FBI is obligated to notify the public about any outcome of any investigation.

My question would be why don’t you want to know?

And yes they are. Remember the Comey speech where he explained why Hillary was guilty then made excuses for why he wouldn’t charge her? That is how investigations of government figures are supposed to end. With findings. They are not supposed to end in secrecy.

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Why do assume that? I never said that I didn’t want to know.

Actually, no, because Comey did things to simply let her off the hook in that speech that were not within his purview to do. In particular in making a prosecutorial decision.


Prove it.

Is that an order?

There is no proof at all. I certainly don’t believe that chucklehead Giuliani’s story. All speculative malarkey. If you have private info, I would love to hear it.

We’re discussing the FBI and those career people who are using their authority for political purposes. This applies to us on all sides and we should be united in condemning this corrupt, illegal behavior.

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Did you ever think…maybe, just maybe…There’s no there, there?