Why does it seem that so many mass shootings involve white males? Is racism a factor?

What was the population in the shopping center by race?

I actually agree with you about the Atlanta shooting. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but the parlors he attacked have mostly Asian employees. So it could be a matter of what shops he chose to attack rather than race.

Unless we have some evidence by now that he chose the parlors because Asians work there.

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I am very balanced…with my eyes and ears open.

Depends on which category of mass shooters.

No, it doesn’t.

Aren’t massage parlors generally an Asian led thing?

Usually or so I have heard.

So I think the accusations of it being a race-based thing are premature unless he left some evidence he chose massage parlors because he knew he’d find Asians there.

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Then why did you bring it up?

The “we” you are referring to begins with toxic rhetoric from ■■■■■■■ politicians and sensationalized by drive by media outlets scrambling for their share of pitiful ratings.
The “breaking news flash” by CNN reported the shooter as a “white man” fer crissakes! The weapon sensationalized as an “AR-15 assault rifle” is false according to police investigators, the Ruger 556 is classified as a pistol.

It begins with education. With shaping culture. And yes, the media.

That classification is stupid.

Because it was pertinent to bring it up.

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Simple math doesn’t dictate that there should be two dead people of color.

Actually, simple math does.

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No it doesn’t.

Because there’s no guarantee the sub-population of people that was within the shooter’s range at the time of the incident was completely representative of the population of Boulder, CO.

I understand your distinctions regarding categories, but they’re really just sub-categories. The category is mass-shootings. Period. A sub-category of “criminal mass shooting” doesn’t change the fact that all the other categories are also criminal acts. And the fact that some mass shootings are current-criminal shooters taking out rival criminals doesn’t change the randomness for the bystander victims at the party or night club the shooter shoots up.

It’s racist to point that out.

You needed to say that Asian workers are statistically over-represented or some other soft pedal phrasing to be safe. And even then, you’d be subject to the slings and arrows of the perpetually-offended for saying it.

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Simple math

I disagree.

Yes, simple math does. Simple math.

Statistical math does not.

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The math is still simple once you know the proper inputs.

The Ruger?