Why does it seem that so many mass shootings involve white males? Is racism a factor?

Yes, my opinion is that racism is a factor, but it is racist reporting. Media rarely give brown shooters the same coverage that white shooters get.

Here is a montage of all of the people arrested for a shooting four or more persons at one time in 2019:

Photo Collage Reveals Who Commits the Mass Shootings in the US Today (thegatewaypundit.com)

From the article:
At least 20 of the mass shootings in 2019 were in Chicago, Illinois.

Now what the article does not tell us is how many of those shootings were gang related.
I would say that gang or drug deal related mass killings are different then the guy who walks into a public business and starts shooting folks.
I agree that there is a racism factor. But in the last few years quite a few of mass shootings were done by folks that had mental issues.

I agree. There are “public” mass shootings and “criminal” mass shootings and “domestic” mass shootings. It is a mistake to lump them in together. The causes are different.

Public mass shootings are by far committed by young white males. I disagree with @Bill.in.PA that racist reporting has anything to do with it. I don’t think they care what race their victims are.

Somehow we have broken at least one generation of white males.

We have a couple of generations of broken black males, but they are broken in different ways for different reasons.

I would not be adverse to requiring a “life” (mental) evaluation for all males at around 15 years old. Or all young people. The problem is we won’t do it right and we won’t address the ones with real issues appropriately.

Our mental health system in this country is completely broken. The stigmas are still there. There are 100 reasons to keep failing these kids.

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I think that race of the victim and the shooter make a big difference in how media report the shootings.

A white shooter kills eight people of which six were Asian. That has been labeled as a racist attack.

A Muslim immigrant from Syria kills ten people. The media stops speculating about motives even though all the victims appear to be the same race.

White on brown attacks make the news and feed into media narratives about white racism.

I don’t disagree that there is selective reporting, I disagree that it is a cause or contributing factor for the shooters.

All this focus on race is toxic.

I wish there was a way to stop it. In both of these shootings, the victims were Americans, not Asians or black or white.

The shooters were Americans. Not “Syrians” or this or that.

We need to stop all this identity crap.


80% of Boulder is White.

Simple math.

No sorry, whites are not over represented in mass shootings, the only category who is are asians.

Reality doesn’t count. You have to eat at the sheople troughs and regurgibleat their truths…and Americans are all white supremacists and these same white males are the only ones responsible for mass shootings and every other evil of this systemically racist country…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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…and so where are the two dead people of color the simple math dictates are dead?

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It requires a bit of discernment.

So throw out the ones that are inconvenient, got it. Pretty sure the dead people don’t care what the underlying motivation for mass murder were, being still dead and all.

No, put them where they belong. Dead people probably don’t care about the motivation, just as I don’t care about appeals to pity.

If I want to avoid being the victim of criminal mass shootings, I can avoid being a criminal.

If I want to avoid being the victim of a domestic mass shooting, there are other things I can do.

Public mass shootings are random. There’s no logic there.


Statistics do not work like that.

Fact remains, white people are not over-represented in the category of mass shooters.

They’re indicators and yet, what the math indicated should happen, didn’t happen…did it? It isn’t proof of anything but it indicates that this mass murder may very well have been based on skin color…now doesn’t it?

No, it does not.

Same store will probably over time see customers and employees that are present balance out to match neighborhood demographics, which may vary from city wide demographics. But at any given moment variations would see some over represented or underrepresented, maybe to reverse within the hour, and again all throughout the day

So aside from the possibility that the neighborhood may be whiter than average even for Boulder there’s also the luck of the draw.

…cuz you’re a one way street. Get some balance in your life, try it…you’ll like it. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Now there is some common ground.

I agree 100% on this.

Now what can we do to improve on it.