Why do you think Trump wants to block Boltons book?

He sure seems awful concerned about it coming out. Threating legal action against Bolton…etc. And we all know its not because he’s worried about classified info. I’ve never bought a political book before, this one might be the first.

Trump seems to think that lese majeste is a thing in American law.

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“I will consider every conversation with me as president highly classified," Trump said. "So that would mean that if he wrote a book, and if the book gets out, he’s broken the law. And I would think that he would have criminal problems, I would hope so.”

“They’ll soon be in court,” Trump added.

I’m good with that. Let the court settle it.


Since Trump decided to try and block it, I just pre - ordered it

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[quote=“Scratch, post:1, topic:232216”]
. And we all know its not because he’s worried about classified info

Really? How do we know this? I don’t know it. How do you know it?

just another thing to enrage the left…

to have an existence based on envy and furious hatred isn’t healthy

There have been a bunch of books written about Trump’s administration based on anonymous sources that have been full of lies. They have nevertheless been bolstered with faux legitimacy by the fake news media. Another book of lies, but from a non-anonymous source who worked closely with the President would enable the fake news media to light fake fires that bear the fake legitimacy of an insider’s authorship and create further distractions from the serious work of draining the swamp.

There is no reason why Trump should willingly subject himself to that level of false attack from, and help line the pockets of, someone who agreed to maintain confidentiality when he accepted the role Trump offered him.

Bolton belongs in Gitmo with the other terrorists.


Common sense…He’s threatened others who’ve written books about him.

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Thanks for proving my symbolic point. :tumbler_glass: :sunglasses:

I read the Complaint that the DOJ filed against Bolton yesterday. I think they missed the point here. Bolton sold his book to a publisher, who has already printed and distributed the book to retail outlets. Although Bolton himself may be in breach of his NDA and (doubtfully) the law, the publisher took no part in the acquisition of the allegedly classified information (although, again, this was all redacted and modified at the direction of the person who is actually responsible for such things). The point is, an order against Bolton to halt publication would not restrain the publisher, and under the Pentagon Papers case, could not.


It’s fascinating that you take the word of a man who lies to you daily.


Indeed. And it is telling that the suit does not name the publisher as a defendant.

What’s really amusing is that there was a huge push to boycott the Bolton book, since he refused to testify before the House impeachment inquiry. And the GOP-led Senate refused to call him as a witness. But now that Trump has filed a lawsuit against him, he has ensured that Bolton’s book will be a #1 bestseller.

Typical for Trump.

I’m personally more interested in reading the tell-all from his niece, Mary. She apparently has the receipts and is holding nothing back.


Trump and Bolton are in cahoots. If Bolton gave a single ■■■■ about any of the contents of his forthcoming book he could have went into the detail about it in the appropriate venue. Instead he wants to capitalize monetarily on his time in the administration. Bolton doing this boosts Trump. Trump again benefits from the narrative he feeds to his gobbling base that he is under constant siege by deep state actors of which Bolton probably has the largest name recognition. That the book exists gives something for Trump to crow persecution and Bolton is able to shamelessly reap the financial reward. All around trash.


I’m not fully convinced that Bolton did this only for financial rewards. He already is ridiculously wealthy. A multi-millionaire who was earning over $500,000/year just for his contributions to Fox News (highest paid contributor to the network.) He also already received a multi-million dollar advance for the book, prior to any of us knowing what would be in it.

I think George Conway really nails what really happened, and the actual mistake Bolton made was in believing there were enough Republicans in the Senate with the spine to at least request he come in and testify. Where he then could have told his story, and given his book a potential heroic, history changing ending. But alas, the entirety of the GOP is rotten to the core in the age of Trump. So his gamble failed.

The only way to make sense of Bolton’s behavior is to recognize that he actually did intend and expect to testify. He wanted to testify, but wanted to appear to be forced to do it. Perhaps he thought that, as a reluctant witness, he’d be less open to being caricatured as a disgruntled, discharged adviser, and his credibility would have been enhanced. So he insisted on a court order to appear before the House.

When that didn’t happen, Bolton began virtually begging to testify: He announced before the Senate trial commenced that “if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify” without any court order at all. During the trial, perhaps not serendipitously, word leaked about how Bolton’s book would establish a quid pro quo linking Ukraine security assistance to Ukraine helping to smear former vice president Joe Biden — and about how Bolton hoped to testify.

But Bolton made one fateful misjudgment. He overestimated the character, honor and patriotism of Senate Republicans. It would have taken just four, joining with Democrats, for the Senate to have issued a subpoena. But only two voted to hear Bolton testify. A Yale-educated lawyer, Bolton perhaps calculated that Senate Republicans would live up to their oaths of office, and to the separate impeachment-trial oath they took to do “impartial justice.” He assumed they would uphold the Constitution. Sadly, he was wrong.

Per PACER the Bolton case has been assigned to Judge Royce C. Lamberth, a Reagan nominee.

@Safiel Any insight you can give us on this Judge?

He’s looking to sue his niece now that has a book coming out…Do you think that’s about classified info as well? He tries to stop all books from people who know him.

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What makes you think I take your word for anything?